IT Recruter

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13 Верес 2022
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The past year and a half studed and worked with vacancies. I have the experience in as an HR Generalist. Inspired by working with people and possibility of personal development amoung the clever and talented guys.

● Full recruitment cycle, sourcing to hiring;
● Search for talents using several channels;
● Interview candidates to define skills, knowledge, and experience according to position requirements;
● Coordinate all interview stages;
● Closing three or more technical vacancies per month;
● Maintain active communication with candidates at all stages.
● Onboarding of new specialists (office and remote)
● Helped develop an employer brand
● Drafting and layouting texts of current vacancies on the job boards, social media and messengers
● Searching and staffing candidates for different digital projects in Ukraine:
● Maintaining internal corporate communications: regular 1-to-1 meetings, 360-degree feedback exchange;
● Assistance in external corporate communications: maintaining the corporate job portals.
● Creating and improving current HR procedures and policies, ensuring their enforcement.
● Increased the staff of the company by 30%