System Administrator Linux / trainee DevOps

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20 Листоп 2023
  • *NIX systems
  • MySQL
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Networking
  • LAMP
  • Apache
  • Nginx
  • Linux administration
  • Firewalls
  • Bash
  • Docker
  • MariaDB

Experience in the cloud department of a mobile system.
Studied at the Belarusian Academy of Connection:
High-level specialization: software maintenance.
College specialization: technical operation of telecommunication networks.
English proficiency: B1.
Native Ukrainian speaker.
Native russian speaker.

I did an internship in the Cloud department of MobileTelesystems, where I worked with Linux, OSI protocols, Active Directory, and Bash scripting. I also completed a Linux System Administrator course at IT-Academy, scoring a 10 on the exams and earning a certificate.

As a hobby, I enjoy working with containerization and virtualization, particularly on Proxmox. I've created four LXC containers:

A site forum with 30 users (my friends) who had personal accounts.
Zabbix for monitoring this site.
Nextcloud for my personal information.
A container for playing games using game streaming technology.
I've also created several other Docker and LXC containers for learning purposes, focusing on network infrastructure and coding.

I am currently studying at the Belarusian Academy of Communication, having graduated from the college with a specialization in technical operation of telecommunication networks. My high-level specialization is in software maintenance.

My English proficiency is at level B1, and Ukrainian/russian are my native language.