Senior Full-Stack Engineer (React, Next.js)

Тетяна Майєр , Top Rent App
28 Листоп 2023
  • React
  • TypeScript
  • GraphQL
  • Next.js

We are seeking a talented and experienced Senior Full-Stack Engineer to take on one of the key roles in shaping the development of our product. It presents a fantastic opportunity to join a successful European product company with a groundbreaking approach to rental business organization that is poised to reshape the market forever.

Top Rent App is a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, specializing in delivering robust, user-friendly solutions for rental businesses worldwide. We create systems for managing the operations of rental companies, primarily focusing on car rentals.

How you'll be contributing:

- Guide our coding standards to help everyone write awesome code
- Give helpful feedback during code reviews – we're all in this together!
- Build and tweak systems that are not only strong but also super fast
- Team up to create cool new features and polish what we already have on our SaaS platform
- Keep an eye out for any performance issues and jump in to fix them
- Think up new ways to make our systems more stable and reliable
- Set a great example in following the best software development practices
- Break down tech speak so everyone can understand, even if they're not techies
- Dive into troubleshooting, fixing bugs, and upgrading our software
- Spot any weaknesses or problems in our current code and figure out how to fix them
- Help make our development process better and more efficient
- Focus on getting tasks done well and on time
- Give a hand in planning and estimating the cool stuff we'll develop next

Our tech stack includes:

- React.js
- Next.js
- TypeScript and Flow type
- Material-UI v5
- React-Relay
- GraphQL
- Algolia
- Mailgun
- Twilio
- Vercel (Serverless)
- FaunaDB (a relational document-oriented database with TypeScript-like query language)

Key competencies and attributes that define a successful candidate:

- At least 3 years of practical commercial experience working with JavaScript/React
- Demonstrated professional proficiency in Typescript, with a minimum of 3 years of practical commercial experience
- Minimum 3 years of experience with high-load services
- Minimum 3 years of experience with and deep knowledge of Next.js
- Experience with Emotion or Styled-components (experience with CSS-in-JS systems is mandatory)
- At least 1 year of practical commercial experience working with of GraphQL
- English at B2 level or higher
- Degree in technical science or a certificate of completion relevant IT courses
- Remote work experience
- Ability to plan your schedule for maximum efficiency, excellent time management skills
- Strong problem-solving skills and ability to work effectively without supervision
- Outstanding interpersonal skills
- Advantageous Expertise:
- Experience with Flow Type
- Experience with Zustand
- Experience with Material-ui or other similar libraries
- Experience with document-oriented databases
- Experience with building microservices
- Experience with serverless architecture


The main languages of communication in the company are English, Italian, Russian, and Ukrainian. Since our team has many people from the CIS, we also use Russian for better understanding. We do not cooperate with aggressor countries.


- Remote work, flexible schedule
- Hourly payment, 40 hours per week
- Long-term collaboration

The recruitment process includes the following stages:

- Short interview with a recruiter (duration: 15-20 minutes)
- Test Task
- Technical interview (duration: 40 - 50 minutes)
- Final interview with CEO (duration: 15-20 minutes)

Benefits of working with us:

- Decent salary with opportunities for review every six months, based on your performance and willingness to take on additional responsibilities
- 24 calendar days of paid vacation
- Paid sick leave with a doctor's certificate
- Regular feedback sessions with your manager
- No unnecessary distracting meetings, only the essential ones
- No time trackers
- Access to a budget for professional development after completing a two-month probationary period, including relevant external courses, conferences, and seminars

And a few very important things to know about us:

We're a small but successful team of professionals fostering a "family-like" culture. However, this isn't the kind of family that gathers a few times a year to celebrate something. It's a union of individuals bound by common interests and a sense of belonging to a shared mission, a desire to see a magnificent result of joint efforts.
We do not waste energy and time on "corporate culture" of imposed entertainment, but we also do not restrict employees with strict time trackers, preferring trust and mutual respect.
We have a flat company structure, which means that if necessary, you can directly contact even the CEO, and your ideas and suggestions will not go unnoticed by management.
We take a highly responsible approach to the selection of our team members: no matter what position we hire someone for, the main quality we look for is a people-first attitude. That's why in our team you won't meet indifferent bureaucrats, but you will definitely meet like-minded buddies.

Convinced this is the right fit? Apply now and let's make it happen!


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