Middle JavaScript Developer

DeFIYield ,
22 Квіт 2024

Join one of the best and most evolving industries of all time, the Decentralized Finance space, also known as DeFi.

The experts at De.Fi are specialists in DeFi yield farming and smart contract security, then have experience in investing and developing advanced management and security toolkit.

De.Fi is a blockchain security network, that allows users to generate high yields while avoiding scams and security vulnerabilities, using the safest and the most yield farming accessible ecosystem.
De.Fi has developed 10+ solutions for DeFi investors, including the Advanced Automatic Smart Contract Audit Scanner - 1-click tool that scans the smart contract code for 100+ known vulnerabilities, the Approvals Analyzer tool, World's Fist Audit, and REKT Databases, and more.

Being Industry Leading Auditors, Solidity engineers performed 55+ security audits and manually collected the smart contract vulnerabilities database that became a part of the developer toolkit.

- Node.js, Express.js, TypeScript backend,
- Relational databases, no SQL databases,
- English level- not less than intermediate.

Would be a plus:
- knowledge of web3.js, the Graph
- passion for the crypto industry.

Job conditions:
- Competitive salary corresponding to your level of knowledge, skills, and experience,
- work with interesting projects in blockchain technology,
- Strong and supportive team,
- Vacation & Paid time off,
- Learning, courses, and conferences paid for by the company,
- Career advancement opportunities.