PHP Developer

WhiteBIT ,
24 Трав 2024

WhiteBIT is an international fintech company with nearly 1000 skilled professionals. Serving over 3.5 million users globally as a cryptocurrency exchange, we are dedicated to providing an intuitive user interface alongside a comprehensive suite of analytical tools. Collaborating with cryptocurrency projects worldwide, our primary objective is to drive the widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

We are looking for a PHP Developer

– Experience working with package managers such as Composer, npm.
– Ability to integrate and manage project dependencies.
– Deep understanding and experience with Composer.
– Experience using and configuring autoloading of classes.
– Understanding of the PSR-4 autoloading standard.
– Understanding of the service container concept in Laravel.
– Experience working with queues in Laravel.
– Experience writing and managing cron jobs.
– Understanding of working with queues and message brokers.
– Understanding the request lifecycle and middleware's role in it.
– Experience using Traits in PHP.
– Deep understanding of SOLID principles.
– Knowledge of key design patterns
– Understanding and ability to implement the Singleton pattern.
– Experience using the Decorator pattern to extend object functionality.
– Understanding and experience using PHP magic methods
– Deep knowledge of working with models in Laravel.
– Ability to create and manage relationships
– Understanding of working with migrations and model attributes.
– Experience creating and managing Docker containers.
– Ability to configure and manage networks in Docker Compose.
– Experience writing unit and integration tests.
– Understanding TDD/BDD principles.
– Experience using Mokka or similar tools for mocking in tests.
– Understanding and ability to use iterators in PHP.
– Experience working with stdClass and understanding its use cases.
– Understanding and ability to use the Reflection API to analyze and manipulate code at runtime.

Development and Maintenance of Web Applications:
– Creating new features and maintaining existing code.
– Optimizing performance and security.

Database Work:
– Designing and optimizing databases.
– Working with migrations and Eloquent ORM.

Integration with External Services:
– Integrating with third-party service APIs.
– Working with queues and message brokers.

Writing Tests:
– Creating and maintaining tests to ensure code quality.

Working with Containers:
– Setting up development environments using Docker.
– Managing containers and networks in Docker Compose.

Code Support and Refactoring:
– Refactoring existing code to improve readability and performance.
– Following best practices and coding standards.

Participation in Application Architecture Design:
– Participating in discussions and decision-making on project architecture.
– Applying design patterns to solve architectural problems.

– Maintaining code and technical specifications documentation.
– Documenting architectural decisions and general approaches.

Job conditions:
– Our own product;
– Annual paid vacations;
– Sick leave compensation;
– Professional working environment.

We provide challenging tasks that offer continuous growth opportunities for everyone. We've consistently embraced development and the advancement of our colleagues, ensuring work is always engaging. Our team is prepared to offer support, share expertise, and lend a helping hand when needed.

Language proficiency:
- Ukrainian: Native