ML Developer (outstaff)

HZF Company ,
27 Трав 2024

Seeking a passionate ML enthusiast or a fast-moving team, with deep expertise in:

- Object detection and tracking using custom neural networks.
- Pose estimation and meta nn:s
- Computer Vision
- Strong knowledge in languages like Python, C++ or similar

Your role: Craft interactive experiences on our playtech platform, ensuring real-time on-device inference across popular consumer platforms.

We want to explore areas like pose detection of the players to detect when they do different moves while playing, multiplayer modes in front of a TV, involving smart watches in the mix to put a spotlight on health-related metrics while exercising with the ball, and other ideas to widen the appeal and usefulness of the product.

This requires real-time inference on smartphones, including lower-end ones sold within the last handful of year, with simultaneous video recording that competes for resources to some extent.

Умови праці:
- Competitive compensation based on skills and experience
- Long-term cooperation
- 20 vacation days, 5 paid sick leaves and 4 days off
- Health insurance
- Remote opportunity
- Flexible working hours