Marketing Analyst(iOS & Android Apps)

RVA Solutions ,
14 Черв 2024


— 1+ year of experience as a Marketing Analyst / Product Analyst with iOS & Android Apps
— Provide analytical support to both our product and marketing teams (AppsFlyer, Meta Ads, TikTok Ads, Google Ads, CPA networks, Amplitude, etc.)
— Collaboration with the technical team, providing the necessary information about setting up and optimizing analytical tools and algorithms.
— Understanding how SKAN & mobile attribution works and implementing ways to optimize ad campains
— Conduct research and draw conclusions from A/B tests, offering actionable insights
— Track and analyze key performance indicators and metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and business initiatives. Generate and validate hypotheses
— Discover data patterns and dependencies to drive strategic insights
— Develop a strategy for creatives in collaboration with the creative team;
— Apply best practices for setting up analytics and create a reporting system based on the results of marketing campaigns, including key metrics and indicators
— Monitor key metrics operationally and identify causes of deviations