23 Лют 2024

GORA Group is a leader in the production and sale of high-quality dietary supplements on the Amazon platform, with our own manufacturing facility in Miami. Starting in 2021 in the USA, our portfolio now includes 6 brands and 35 SKUs, each of which holds a top position in one of the 10 categories.

😉Our values:

👍Openness to new opportunities: We are always in search of new possibilities and knowledge, ready to experiment and learn to achieve the best results.
👍Boldness in decision-making: We are not afraid to propose and implement new ideas, and we are willing to take responsibility for the outcomes.
👍Honesty and transparency: We are always open to honest and constructive feedback. Failures are lessons for improvement, as it is important to learn from mistakes to become better :)
👍Embracing differences: Our strength lies in embracing the diversity of each customer and team member.

🙋‍♀️A bit about our team:)

In our team, 25 specialists are working from different parts of the world, including the Director of Sales on Amazon, his deputy, PPC specialists, Account Managers, Customer Support, PR department, and the production department.

Currently, the company is in the process of transitioning from a small to a medium-sized business and is inviting an experienced PPC Lead (Amazon) to join the team. We are looking for someone ready to take responsibility for advertising campaigns on Amazon and work with us to achieve our goals.


🔷minimum 3 years of experience working as a PPC specialist;
🔷minimum 1 year of experience working specifically in the dietary supplements niche;
🔷proven experience in managing a team of PPC specialists;
🔷Upper-Intermediate level of English;
🔷strong leadership and organizational skills: demonstrated ability to be a leader within the team, prioritize tasks effectively, control the execution process, efficiently manage one's own time and the team's time.
🔷adaptability: willingness to work in a dynamic environment, quickly assimilate new information, and respond to unexpected situations;
🔷strong analytical skills: proficiency in analytical skills and the ability to work with a large volume of information;
🔷high level of communication skills: ability to explain, communicate effectively, and ensure accountability within the team;
🔷motivation and maintenance of team morale: motivated to maintain a high level of morale and interest among team members in their work and development.

💪Your responsibilities will include:

🔶Development of PPC Strategies: Formulating and implementing comprehensive PPC strategies, including a detailed selection of campaign types, in-depth market and competitor analysis, and active collaboration with the Amazon team to create, optimize advertising campaigns, and test hypotheses for effective advertising strategies;
🔶Budget Management and Expense Optimization: Monitoring and managing PPC budgets, efficiently allocating funds, implementing optimization strategies, analyzing expenditures, and adjusting budgets to improve ROI and reduce CPC;
🔶Optimization of Advertising Campaign Structures: Regularly analyzing and optimizing the structure of advertising campaigns, conducting detailed analysis of niche trends and consumer behaviour to adapt campaigns to current conditions and the needs of the target audience;
🔶Development and Implementation of New Methodologies: Researching and implementing new methodologies and tools in PPC to enhance the quality and effectiveness of campaigns, experimenting with new advertising formats on Amazon, and utilizing data analysis methods for continuous improvement of advertising campaign results;
🔶Analysis and Reporting of PPC Department Activities: Conducting in-depth analysis of PPC campaign results, evaluating key performance indicators, compiling detailed reports, and developing improvement proposals based on analytical data;
🔶Analysis of Trends and Competitive Environment: Monitoring current trends in PPC and analyzing the competitive environment on Amazon, applying acquired knowledge to enhance current advertising strategies;
🔶Handling Cases with Amazon Seller Support: Collaborating with Amazon Seller Support on issues related to blocked advertising products, resolving problems associated with advertising campaigns, and adhering to Amazon policies.

Job conditions:
🏆Benefits of working with us:

🔷remote work in an international company;
🔷stable salary in dollars;
🔷opportunities for professional development and training;
🔷company-provided opportunities for courses and training;
🔷paid vacation and sick leave;
🔷birthday gifts and holiday surprises.