Growth Marketing Manager (Amazon)

29 Лют 2024

EASYFEET is an e-commerce company operating in the healthcare niche, where, over 5 years, it has become a significant and recognized player. Our key markets include the USA, Canada, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, and Australia.

We have gained considerable experience and are confidently moving forward, regularly launching new products and increasing sales, as the market volume for products in our niche reaches $3 billion annually.

🏆 Our achievements:
Best Seller on Amazon Canada, Mexico, and Australia for a range of products;
- 2020, 2021 Best Seller on Amazon USA, Canada, Mexico, and Australia;
- 2022 TOP 5 on Amazon USA, Singapore, Japan, and the UK;
- 2023 Best Seller on Amazon Canada and Australia;
- Entered the TOP 1000 Amazon sellers.

We are seeking a Growth Marketing Manager on Amazon whose primary responsibility is to strategically position our brand's products for maximum impact within the Amazon Marketplace.
Your role will involve conducting comprehensive domain analysis, keyword research, and competitor assessments to refine our product positioning strategies.

☝️About your role:
★ Your role involves freedom and creativity in idea generation and project management.
★ You will be operating globally in establishing an international brand that is successfully operating and actively gaining new positions in the USA, Canada, EU, and Australia within a unique segment.
★ The work will revolve around a brand deeply engaged in developing innovative and environmentally friendly products in the healthcare domain, genuinely contributing to people living a higher quality and healthier life.
★ You will work in the organization with shared values within a dedicated, strong, carefully selected team as well as a cohesive team of founders.
★ You will have the opportunity to implement your ideas.
★ You'll be managing a wide range of projects on Amazon with substantial budgets.

🥇What we expect from you:

★ 2+ years of experience in Marketing, Brand Marketing or Product Management on Amazon.
★ Interest and enthusiasm for the e-commerce industry.
★ Written and spoken English: Upper-Intermediate or higher.
★ Excellent written and verbal communication skills are a must.
★ Driven to spearhead projects and initiatives that may not yet exist.
★ You’re a pro at communicating and collaboration.
★ Highly value working with people you like and respect.
★ Creative approach, initiative, and desire to experiment.
★ Ability to work in multitasking mode.
★ Focus on achieving results in the short and long term.

🔷Keyword Analysis and Semantic Clustering:
▪ Analyze keywords to identify semantic clusters and target both existing and potential customer segments.

🔷Competitor Analysis and Strategy:
▪ Conduct a thorough competitor analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of competing products.
▪ Uncover insights and new selling points or key features that we are not currently utilizing to boost sales.

🔷Product Positioning Alignment:
▪ Collaborate closely with product teams to gain a full understanding of unique selling points and product features.

🔷Product Positioning Strategy:
▪ Utilize your analysis to optimize existing product positioning strategies.
▪ Propose new positioning strategies or adjustments based on your findings for current products.
▪ Develop effective product positioning strategies aligned with customer needs and niche trends for new product lines.

🔷Collaboration and Content Creation:
▪ Collaborate with graphic designers, assigning tasks based on your analysis and product features.
▪ Ensure the creation of high-quality product listings, including images and enhanced content, to enhance engagement with potential customers.

Job conditions:
🤝 We offer:
★ Work in a priority sales channel by implementing your knowledge and honing your skills across all marketing functions.
★ Competitive landscape with a technologically advanced line of products in a burgeoning market.
★ Supportive team atmosphere and full remote work.
★ Endless opportunities for professional and career growth.
★ Flexible working hours from 9:00-10:00 to 18:00-19:00, Mon-Fri
★ Competitive compensation in USD, performance bonuses, and the ability to influence earnings.
★ Full taxes coverage and help with the PE administration.
★ Vacation (21 days) and sick leaves (10 days).
★ Company-sponsored training, workshops, and coaching sessions, we have a strong commitment to continuous team development.
★ Regular reflection sessions, executive coaching, all-hands meetings, and open hours at the company level.
★ Offline and online team events multiple times a year, featuring structured adventures and activities that foster unity regardless of geographical location.
★ Stylish, high-quality corporate gifts and merchandise products, giveaways, and various forms of gamification.


The vacancy involves completing a test task. This will allow us to assess your practical skills, and for you to understand the tasks you will face in this position.