JavaScript Front-End TeamLead/Senior

Finline ,
17 Трав 2024

We are currently looking for an experienced Front-End Developer with a strong background in web development to join our team. You will work on our internal trading tools, which play a crucial role in effective trading strategies. These tools allow users to quickly access and control their positions in different markets.

In this role, your primary responsibility will be to design and develop a user-friendly interface for our traders/operators. This interface will enable them to automate their daily tasks, such as monitoring market trends, executing trades, and managing risk. Creating a simple yet reliable UI will empower users to make informed decisions and streamline their trading operations.

- 10+ year of hands-on experience developing commercial software
- 1+ years experience with browser rendering frameworks (Three.js, D3.js, etc)
- Strong knowledge of pure JavaScript (ES6+/TypeScript)
- Good understanding of cross-browser/platform issues
- Knowledge of Git and Git Flow
- Familiarity with web standards, accessibility, and UX

Best match if you:

- Interested in finance.
- Avoid relying on popular frameworks like React, Vue, etc.
- Have a deep understanding of browser rendering, specifically WebGL/Canvas.
- Have experience in developing browser-based 3D/2D games.

Условия работы:
- An active bonus program from day one
- An extra passive bonus program for automated strategies
- A flexible working schedule
- The option to work from a convenient office in Montenegro or remotely
- Official employment in Montenegro and compensation for housing costs (in case of relocation)
- Compensation for the cost of group English language training
- Compensation for sick leave and paid vacation