Вхід Реєстрація

Go Interactive

Olena Tiahla



Since 2010 ‘Go Interactive’ has been helping Western companies hire remote development teams in Ukraine and we proudly fulfill our commitments in 2022 and beyond.

We perform a search for IT developers in/from Ukraine based on your business goals and project requirements and perform the hiring of top candidates for your offshore/nearshore dedicated team.

As soon as your new remote dedicated development team in Ukraine is signed on, we will handle all red-tape paperwork and legal affairs, and take care of all the logistics, Administrative & HR matters over the entire business relations between you and your dedicated staff, once you hire team in Ukraine.

We manage payroll and accounting in Ukraine, office space, and equipment. ‘Go Interactive’ outstaffing company takes care of onboarding, off-site events, and business trips for your offshore team so that you can focus on fulfilling your business ambitions.