My Fatwallet review that will scam your pants off

The Fatwallet review that will change your life, haha. Fatwallet is considered a bargain hunting site and it needs to be found in the internet searche...

The Fatwallet review that will change your life, haha. Fatwallet is considered a bargain hunting site and it needs to be found in the internet searches.

Fatwallet needs to be seen. Looking for a bargain site? It needs to be visible at a click of the mouse. But it does not appear as grand as it can do. So how would bargain lovers find out of their bargains if they have not heard of the online bargain site in the first place. Bargain lovers might want to shop online through Fatwallet, if they find it.

Another thing, the online bargain company needs to show that bargain hunters and coupon searchers have indeed benefitted from their marketing strategy. So far, one cannot see much evidence. Fatwallet is still an unknown website, except for a few, or do they make it exclusive for selected membership only.

What is Fatwallet anyway?

This is for those who has not found Fatwallet yet. (Fat Wallet) specializes in gathering the best coupons, deals, sales, coupon codes and rebates online. Fat Wallet also includes cash back in the services it provides. To get “Cash Back”, users of Fatwallet must register first before buying. The cash given back after shopping online to the customer is added to the shopper’s FatWallet account. It is later paid to the shopper through The saved money is then paid to the shopper through

The bargain website has a forum for members where they share tips on saving the most including online auctions, contests, promos and hot sales items. Its “Hot Deals” feature was the item of controversy in the past involving big retailers that probably has been resolved while its Best Deals section launched in 2009 offers variety of deals every day. Compare Prices is a feature launched in June of 2010 comparing prices, cash back incentives, shipping costs and taxes.

Fatwallet offers might be overwhelming and it might take some time getting used to finding exactly what you are looking for with the best deals you can find and combine with.

It is not exactly difficulty signing up to Fat Wallet and it is free. You can request to be paid in check or through paypal with whatever savings, deals and cash back deals you got from shopping through their website. It is not clear though when the payment takes place or they have a minimum amount before you can be issued a check or paid through paypal.

A good feature of FatWallet is include in its discussions in the forum are financial topics such as investments, banking and credit cards. This is a good way of educating shoppers so they not only buy but also consider investing. The said forum on finance must be newsworthy enough to be cited in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times covering topics of financial manageability to credit cards and 401K investment tips.

Without so much fanfare though, FatWallet was named one of 2010′s 50 Best Places To Work in America by the Best Places To Work Institute and Entrepreneur Magazine. It ranked #20 on the list for best small businesses. Fatwallet’s Founder, Tim Storm was one of four finalists of Entrepreneur of 2010 by, the national winner will be announced on January, 2011.

I still prefer BigCrumbs over FatWallet Review

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