Frontend півроку

A newly-qualified specialist with high theoretical knowledge and Intermediate English is ready to learn fast and dive deep into a project details, and strives to become a part of a team to contribute into overall success.

22 Лип 2022
Frontend півроку

My name is Danil

19 Лип 2022

Six months of commercial experience (Freelancer) in searching different levels of candidates.
Beginner IT Recruiter with a huge desire to become an IT professional in the near future. Hard
worker with excellent interpersonal skills.

19 Лип 2022
QA Engineer півроку

• Практические знания в области тестирования ПО
• Базовые знания о жизненном цикле ПО, моделях разработки, жизненном цикле ошибок.
• Теоретические знания в области тестирования веб-приложений.
• Базовое понимание работы ОС Windows и Linux

18 Лип 2022

Have experience with projects in the food industry and managing people in the automotive industry in general for more than 6 years

14 Лип 2022
Full Stack Engineer 4 роки

I am an experienced Software Engineer who can develop effective user interfaces and mobile apps released to the public. I have worked closely with web development and software design teams to update the website and internal web tools, and to make them more efficient. I like to create innovative solutions to web design issues, make the website visually more appealing and enhance usability.

27 Черв 2022
QA Engineer 3 роки

I have responsible attitude to work. I pay attention to the details. I know that it’s important to negotiate with people without creating conflicts. I have good communication skills both oral and writing. I am able to work in a team and to be self-independent. I bring a strong ability to successfully analyze complex situations, develop effective solutions and implement plans to reach strategic goals

25 Черв 2022
React front-end developer 4 роки

Я ориентированный на результат Front-end разработчик с отличными
коммуникативными навыками, а также с глубоким пониманием
процессов веб-разработки.
Я всегда предоставляю качественный код и выполняю задачи в срок.

21 Черв 2022
Strong Junior QA ENGINEER 1 рік

QA theory knowledge :
- Test design techniques
- Understanding of SDLC
- Software testing life cycle
- Testing types
- Defect life cycle
- Test cases creation (Zephyr, JIRA)
- Bug reports creation (Zephyr, JIRA)

8 Черв 2022
Recruiter/Sourcer 1 рік

Hi, I feel that I am ready for my next step and open to exploring opportunities that would enable me to use my potential to the fullest and implement my broad and diverse experience within the recruitment field to help your company reach its goals and targets and grow together. I am looking to improve my existing skills and obtain new ones to become a strong professional in my field.

8 Черв 2022