HR Manager Inna Brovchenko, QATestLab

QATestLab у пошуку своїх людей! Ми шукаємо HR manager, який легко встановлює зв’язок з командами, заряджається від спілкування з людьми та прагне будувати HR-процеси.

30 Листоп 2023
PHP 10 та більше років

- PHP, CakePHP, Codeigniter, Yii, Symfony, Laravel, MYSQL, GraphQL, ElasticSearch
- REST API server for mobile applications (Android, iOS)
- OOP/OOD, Design patterns, microservices
- Experience with high-load projects
- Javascript, jQuery, Extjs 4, HTML, CSS, bootstrap
- Apache, Nginx, Tomcat
- Facebook API, Robokassa, PayPal

30 Листоп 2023
Middle+/Senior Data Scientis Ірина Юношева, Processica

Ми міжнародна компанія з розробки ІТ та програмного забезпечення з головним офісом у США.
Наразі шукаємо спеціаліста нашому клієнту - великій американській корпорації у сфері телекомунікацій. Проект - data science project для телекомунікаційної компанії, Development of conversational AI platform.

30 Листоп 2023
Lead Generation Specialist artcodevision,

Join ArtCodeVision’s team of inventors and creative thinkers who create great solutions in the world of programming and software development.
We are masters of algorithms that turn ideas into code, and code into art!

We are currently expanding our team and are looking for a talented Lead Generation Specialist who is full of ideas, energy and knows how to stand out from the crowd to bring customers to our technology product.

Location: Lviv, on-site (office)!

30 Листоп 2023

30 Листоп 2023

We are seeking a dynamic and experienced Team Lead for our Customer Support team. As a key player in our eCommerce, telemarketing, and document management platforms, you will lead and inspire a team to provide exceptional service. Responsibilities include troubleshooting issues, responding to inquiries, and overseeing the seamless completion of orders/forms and account changes. If you possess excellent communication skills, a proven track record in customer service, and leadership experience, we encourage you to apply for this Team Lead position.

30 Листоп 2023
HR Generalist/People Partner/HRD 5 років

I am a self-aware individual with a deep passion for working with people. Career as an HR Manager gives me a full opportunity to express myself, feel useful and rewarded for my efforts. My experience includes working in my current company where I have had the chance to implement my ideas, build processes from scratch, and take on different assignments that extended beyond my job description. In addition, I took part in some short-term projects outside of the company.

30 Листоп 2023
Junior React Front-End Developer півроку

Привіт! Я амбітний Front-End розробник, володію HTML, CSS, JS/TS, React/Redux/Hooks/Router, Express.js, Gulp, Vite.js, Git/GitHub. Маю досвід роботи із JSON, бібліотеками шаблонів, стилізації (SCSS, Tailwind CSS) і бібліотеками (Material UI, Bootstrap, Headless UI, Materialize і т.д.). Створюю продуктивні додатки, які максимально зручні для користування кінцевому юзеру. Спрямований на результат та переважно пишу чистий та структурований код. Готовий до викликів та приєднатися до вашої команди.

29 Листоп 2023
Trainee / Junior iOS Developer до 3-х місяців

Had an internship in the company. During the internship developed a pet project under the guidance of a mentor. I used Clean Swift architecture for this project.

29 Листоп 2023
Junior Angular Developer Hygge Software,

Hi guys!

We are seeking a passionate and motivated individual to join our team as a Junior Angular Developer. Our company thrives on innovation, creativity, and dedication, and we're excited to welcome someone who shares these values.

Project: Create spaced repetition flashcards linked to text and images on webpages and remember everything that you learn.
Position: Junior Angular Developer
English Proficiency: Upper-Intermediate

29 Листоп 2023