MS SQL Database Developer\Administrator DBA 10 та більше років

I have 20+ yrs of experience as database developer and administrator in general and with MS SQL in particular.

14 Верес 2021
IT recruiter 1 рік

Proactively and creatively attracts talent across the organization in order to ensure business success and profitability

18 Серп 2021
VP/ CTO/ (Android, IOS, Flutter) 8 років

- 5 years of development in Android
- 3 years of development using Flutter
- 1 year of development in IOS

Last company I worked for:
CTO in LeadIT (2018 - Present)
--managed the team, helping growing fast, solving development problems in applications
--chose architecture\stack for projects
--estimate projects
--interview people

2 Серп 2021
QA Manual півроку

Link to resume:

29 Лип 2021
Communication/Project Manager 7 років

Working closely with team, setting tasks and controlling performance. All my creative and marketing skills can be applied together with content creation. Communication ninja in action with partners, customers and team members.

21 Лип 2021
UX/UI designer 1 рік

- Создавать визуальные материалы для проектов.
- Работать над дизайн-системами.
- Разрабатывать адаптивные версии дизайна.

17 Лип 2021
Python developer 2 роки

Python, Flask, Django, Odoo, CSS, HTML, JS

13 Лип 2021
Junior QA Manual до 3-х місяців

At this moment, the most important for me is to get a cool experience, to work on serious projects, to become a professional.

9 Лип 2021
InstaffOut 4 роки

Instaffout connect the right professional who is able to work under supervision and with your in-house team. Get our services and expand your team today.

9 Лип 2021
Lead JS Developer (MERN) 10 та більше років

i love my job

7 Лип 2021