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Yoga, massage and full all-inclusive: journalists visit Google’s new $2.1 billion office

Ігор Шелудченко

In February, Google opened a new office worth $2.1 billion.

It is located in Hudson Square in New York City. It is a 12-storey building «St. John’s Terminal», built on a 1930s railway station.

Insider made a photo report from this building. We are sharing it with you.

1. Living room

The living room has a lot of space. The ceilings are high, there is a lot of furniture. There is a cafe where you can order tea, coffee and other drinks. And everything is free.

The office has a lot of custom-made designer furniture.
The chairs are especially memorable.

3. Gym

There is a space for sports in a separate part of the building. There is an exercise bike room, a yoga room, a martial arts studio, and a separate space for personal training.

4. Exercise bikes

5. Yoga studio

6. Martial arts hall

Along with the yoga studio, there is a martial arts room with a floor completely covered with mats.

7. Massage room

Massage rooms have various shock wave and compression therapy devices.

8. Google product store

Next to the lobby cafe, there is a special store with Google, Android, and YouTube products.

9. Branded pet accessories

There are even accessories for pets with the Google logo.

10. Kitchenettes

For those who are particularly picky, there are micro-kitchens. They are equipped with coffee machines, and there is plenty of fruit and other food.

11. Cafeterias with free meals

A real cafeteria in the new Google office is the main advantage of working here. The cafeteria has a beautiful interior and an unlimited number of delicious vegan dishes.

12. Bathrooms

The Google bathroom on the 12th floor has panoramic views of New York City.

13. 13. Coworking spaces

Google says it designed the office so that teams are proportionally distributed to work together.

«Although there were a lot of people, Google seemed to have allocated enough space for almost everything to create a good mood for employees. If I worked here, I would want to show up every day», — summarized the correspondent.


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