Suddenly, «Kateryna» — is coming. Ukraine has launched an app to protect women from «idiots»

News Software 06-14-2024 at 16:29 comment
The program with the beautiful name «Kateryna» was created as an opportunity to call a mobile response team in dangerous situations

Artificial intelligence predicted the results of Euro 2024 — France won most often (in 22 simulations out of 100)

News Technologies 06-14-2024 at 14:30 comment
Euro 2024 starts today with the opening match between Germany and Scotland, and artificial intelligence believes that the match will end in favor of the tournament hosts (2:0) with a probability of 76%.

Pentagon extends Starlink deal with SpaceX for Ukraine — another 6 months for $14 million

News Technologies 06-14-2024 at 12:06 comment
The main contract is now valid until November 30 and is worth a total of $40 million.

Elon Musk asks to recognize Ukrainian website as a terrorist organization

News Ukraine 06-13-2024 at 17:37 comment
Elon Musk has demanded that the Ukrainian edition of be added to the list of sanctioned terrorist organizations. The reason for his statement was an analytical publication on the website, which detailed US senators and other individuals who do not support or have ambiguous attitudes toward Ukraine.

Noname Digital does not pay salaries for 6 months and asks to «raid» customers in the App Store

News Ukraine 06-13-2024 at 14:56 comment
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Noname Digital, which employs about 300 people, has not paid its employees for six months of work. The reason was an unscrupulous customer who failed to fulfill his payment obligations.

The US extends sanctions and cuts Russia off from IT services

News Ukraine 06-13-2024 at 12:29 comment
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The United States has imposed new sanctions against Russia. The new list includes a ban on providing software and IT services to individuals based in Russia.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Metro 2033, and Sherlock Holmes: Forbes compiled the top «richest» games developed in Ukraine

News Games 06-13-2024 at 10:53 comment
Usually, when it comes to Ukrainian games, most people think of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Metro series. However, Ukrainians have created many other projects that also have their own audience and generate income for their authors.

A draft law with «economic booking» — the same 20 thousand UAH has appeared in the Rada, but there will be alternatives

News Ukraine 06-12-2024 at 14:16 comment
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Draft Laws No. 11331 «On Industrial Policy and Predictability of the Real Sector of the Economy» and No. 11332 «On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine Regarding Peculiarities of Payment of Military Duty for Reservations of Persons Liable for Military Service» were registered in the Verkhovna Rada.

Cyber police catch hacker in Kyiv who helped Russians attack European companies

Ukraine News 06-12-2024 at 12:35 comment
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Cyberpolice detained a hacker in Kyiv who created crypto-currencies for Russian money — special software for disguising computer viruses as safe files.

«China may put pressure». Ukraine demands to ban TikTok

News Software 06-12-2024 at 11:57 comment
On the website «Electronic petitions» Cabinet of Ministers registered a proposal to ban TikTok in Ukraine. Among the main reasons for the need to block the social network are China’s control over it, which helps Russia in its war with Ukraine, and the ease with which disinformation is spread on it.

Downsizing and «international risks»: Playtika with offices in Ukraine decided to leave Belarus after all

News Ukraine 06-11-2024 at 19:31 comment
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Ukrainian-Israeli game developer Playtika has decided to officially liquidate its business in Belarus.

The Ministry of Defense has launched the website «Be Yourself» to search for vacancies: it is actually a clone of Lobby X Army

Ukraine News 06-11-2024 at 17:32 comment
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The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has launched a new job search site — «Be yourself». Currently, it almost completely copies the functionality of Lobby X.

A lithium battery exploded in an apartment in the suburbs of Kyiv (allegedly) — a man suffered burns

News Ukraine 06-07-2024 at 18:18 comment
Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Kyiv region reports about the explosion of an «unidentified object» (possibly a lithium battery) in a residential multi-storey building in Sofiyivska Borshchahivka. The explosion was reported at 13:54 on June 7.

Gameloft has significantly reduced the Kharkiv office: even the head of the studio was fired

News IT business 06-07-2024 at 11:29 comment
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Over the past few months, Gameloft’s Kharkiv office has been subject to large-scale layoffs. Even the head of the studio, who had been working there for 14 years, as well as game designers, QA engineers, and developers were laid off.

The experiment was a success. Ukrainian YouScan reintroduces four-day work schedule

News IT business 06-06-2024 at 18:57 comment
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The Ukrainian company YouScan is returning to a four-day work schedule for the summer. This is the second time the company has done so — last year «four-day work was introduced as a response to the May shelling and team exhaustion.

Now’s your chance: the number of responses to QA jobs without experience falls for the 4th month in a row

Ukraine IT business 06-06-2024 at 17:00 comment
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The number of responses to QA jobs has been declining for the 4th month. Now it is about 50 responses per month, according to Djinni, an anonymous job search service.

Can they track everyone? NABU found the suspect’s location via IP on the portal «Diia»

News Ukraine 06-05-2024 at 15:58 comment
Law enforcement officers can find the whereabouts of Ukrainians using the Unified Portal of Public Services «Diia». According to «Telegraph»This follows from the text of the High Anti-Corruption Court’s ruling on the case of the group led by former head of the State Property Fund Dmytro Sennichenko.

Ukrainian cinemas to receive compensation from the state budget for showing films in English — Rada votes for law #9432

News Movie 06-04-2024 at 14:19 comment
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine supported Law No. 9432 in the second reading, which, among other things, defines English as one of the languages of international communication in Ukraine and regulates its use in the work of government agencies, education and culture.

The highest salaries for techies in new vacancies are crypto and gambling

Ukraine News 05-31-2024 at 13:12 comment
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The highest salaries for technical specialists among the vacancies published this year are in cryptocurrency and gambling.

The Ministry of Defense is looking for developers of VR and AR simulators for training

Military Tech News 05-30-2024 at 14:42 comment
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The Ministry of Defense has announced a tender for the development of VR and AR simulators for training, education and simulations based on technology (virtual and augmented reality).

Electronic booking via «Diia» should be launched within a month — Ministry of Defense

Ukraine News 05-30-2024 at 13:15 comment
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The e-booking service will be launched on the «Diia» portal within a month.

100,000+ cars were re-registered through the app «Diia» Volkswagen, Renault, and VAZ were bought/sold most often

News Auto 05-30-2024 at 12:38 comment
Ukrainians 100,000+ times re-registered car in the application «Diia» and received the corresponding «valid» license plate

Ukrainian developers have created a «Tank» — complex for evacuating wounded from the battlefield

Military Tech News 05-30-2024 at 11:54 comment
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Ukrainian developers have created «Tankchik» —, a new ground-based robotic system for evacuating and logistics of the wounded from the battlefield.As the editorial board was informed, this advanced complex was created to ensure maximum safety and efficiency during rescue operations in combat zones.Above «Tank»

Marriage by video in the app «Diia» — The Ministry of Digital Transformation invites to beta test

News Software 05-29-2024 at 19:04 comment
Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine launched beta test of online marriage in the «Diia» app. The service will be useful for those newlyweds who are unable to register their marriage in the usual way due to the war.

Head of Odesa TCC earned more than $1 million by falsifying data of tax evaders in «Oberig» system

Ukraine News 05-29-2024 at 14:48 comment
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The head of the department of the Primorsky RTC and JV of the city of Odesa. Odesa is suspected of unauthorized interference with the «Oberih» system.

Data «Reserve+» will be equivalent to a military ID. But the renewal period may be extended

Ukraine News 05-28-2024 at 17:52 comment
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Information from «Reserve+» will have the same legal force as a paper military ID or registration certificate after two weeks.

No alternatives. Cabinet of Ministers confirms work on electronic booking

Ukraine News 05-28-2024 at 16:08 comment
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The Ministry of Economy confirmed that it is discussing with other agencies the creation of an electronic booking mechanism.

A programmer «Yapartner SOFT» possessed 270 g of cannabis: he had to repent and pay UAH 17 thousand

WTF News 05-28-2024 at 14:28 comment
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The Pervomaiskyi Court of Mykolaiv Oblast considered the case of a programmer from «YaPartner SOFT» who was in possession of 270 grams of cannabis. Despite everything, he managed to pay off only UAH 17 thousand in fines and UAH 1,514 in compensation for forensic chemical examination.

Precision hackathon to be launched in Ukraine to improve accuracy of Armed Forces operations

Military Tech News 05-28-2024 at 12:09 comment
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Members of the Brave1 cluster launch the Precision hackathon to find «accurate» solutions to defeat the enemy.

Rada approves fines for sexual insults on the Internet — up to UAH 2700 or correctional labor

News Ukraine 05-28-2024 at 09:18 comment
From now on, Ukraine can be fined for offensive sexual expressions sent via messengers — according to the law adopted by the Verkhovna Rada by Law No. 8329 in connection with the ratification of the Istanbul Convention.

In «Reserve+», 1.1 million people liable for military service have updated their data. Including — 14 thousand abroad

Ukraine News 05-27-2024 at 17:12 comment
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Since May 18, more than 14,000 people liable for military service in 124 countries abroad have updated their data via the «Reserve+» app.

N-iX opens first office in Romania: it will function as a technology hub

Ukraine IT business 05-27-2024 at 15:33 comment
Article from  
Ukrainian IT company N-iX, which employs more than 2200 specialists, has opened an office in Bucharest, Romania.

Ukrainians lost more than 29 thousand smartphones in 2023 — iPhone, Xiaomi, and Samsung are stolen most often

News Devices 05-27-2024 at 09:31 comment
In 2023, Ukrainians lost 29,015 smartphones, which is almost half (46%) the number before the full-scale invasion.

The General Staff plans to widely introduce AI on the battlefield: this will offset the numerical advantage of the Russians

Ukraine News 05-24-2024 at 19:41 comment
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The Armed Forces of Ukraine aim to widely introduce artificial intelligence on the battlefield to compensate for the enemy’s numerical superiority.

«This step has no alternative»: The government plans to raise taxes and get UAH 300 billion for the army

Ukraine News 05-23-2024 at 19:22 comment
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The Cabinet of Ministers plans to increase budget expenditures and revenues to finance the army.

Up to 30 transactions per month. The NBU will set restrictions on P2P transfers due to the spread of online fraud

News Software 05-23-2024 at 17:04 comment
The NBU’s decision will apply directly to outgoing transfers — you can receive funds to the card without restrictions.

Before the fight with Fury, Usyk was looking for sparring partners through «Tinder for boxers»

Technologies News 05-23-2024 at 16:47 comment
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Before preparing for his fight with Tyson Fury for the title of absolute world heavyweight champion, Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk swiped sparring partners in a special Ready To Fight app.

Absolute hegemony. Luxoft topped the top companies by published vacancies

IT business News 05-22-2024 at 18:46 comment
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Luxoft, one of the largest IT companies in Ukraine, became the absolute leader in terms of published vacancies in the spring.

Twist on Million Dollar Homepage. Braveproject launches Ukrainian IT volunteering portal

Ukraine News 05-22-2024 at 15:55 comment
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The Braveproject project will soon launch a Ukrainian IT volunteering portal.This will be the first database of companies in Ukraine to collect many stories and facts of Ukrainian business support for the Armed Forces.

The Rada proposed an alternative to reservation — labor military service for business and IT

Ukraine News 05-22-2024 at 14:08 comment
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The Verkhovna Rada proposed an alternative to reservation and economic reservation — economic mobilization.

It is used even in the Antarctic: there are already 1 million successful authorizations in Reserve+

Ukraine News 05-21-2024 at 17:05 comment
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The Reserve+ app, which allows people liable for military service to update their personal information, has already counted about 1 million successful logins.

Vlad Yatsenko, Dmytro Zaporozhets, and others. The top of the richest IT entrepreneurs in Ukraine has been revealed

IT business News 05-21-2024 at 15:41 comment
Article from  
The publication NV amounted to rating of the richest IT entrepreneurs in Ukraine. The top spots were taken by businessmen focused on Western markets — Vlad Yatsenko, Dmytro Zaporozhets, and Taras Kitsmey and Yaroslav Lubinets of SoftServe.

You can mobilize as a team. Referrals to the VLC and recruiting functions will be added to Reserve+

Ukraine News 05-20-2024 at 19:06 comment
Article from  
The Reserve+ app, where people liable for military service can update their information, will be updated with additional features. These include online recruiting and the ability to sign a contract, electronic referrals to the military medical examination board, and the possibility of group recruiting.

Reserve+ from the Ministry of Defense: 250 thousand registrations in 1.5 days, availability in 176 countries and «yet» no e-subpoenas

News Military Tech 05-20-2024 at 11:10 comment
On the second day of work at application of the Ministry of Defense more than 246 thousand citizens updated their data, which is 83 times more than through the ASCs and «ten times more than through the TCCs — according to Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Kateryna Chernogorenko.

«Mavka. The Forest Song» will get a live version — «almost» an adult thriller

News Movie 05-18-2024 at 23:16 comment
As reported by Variety, the Ukrainian company FILM.UA Group is currently creating a film based on the animated film «Mavka. The Forest Song». It was shown in 148 countries and grossed more than $21 million at the global box office.

150,000 Ukrainians registered in the Reserve+ app in 10 hours — but there were some glitches

News Military Tech 05-18-2024 at 11:40 comment
Overnight, the App Store and Google Play have launched mobile application of the Ministry of Defensewhere persons liable for military service, conscripts and reservists can update their data online and not have to go to an ASC or TCC.

The Ministry of Defense launches Reserve+ application for persons liable for military service — in the App Store and Google Play on May 18

News Military Tech 05-17-2024 at 14:55 comment
On May 18, the following will come into force in Ukraine updated Law on mobilization — from that day on, all men aged 18-60 must update their accounts within 60 days (until July 16 inclusive). To make it possible to do this online, the Ministry of Defense launched mobile application Reserve+.

The Cabinet of Ministers has updated the procedure for booking telecom and fuel and energy companies

News Ukraine 05-17-2024 at 14:35 comment
Among other things, the restriction on reservations for 50% of persons liable for military service for some enterprises is canceled.

MacPaw launches beta of Setapp Mobile marketplace for iOS in the EU

Ukraine News 05-15-2024 at 17:00 comment
Article from  
The Ukrainian company MacPaw has released a new marketplace called Setapp Mobile. It is available in the beta version and by invitation only, designed for users from the European Union.

Ukrzaliznytsia «upgraded» ticketing website — updated design, women’s compartments and verification through Diia.Signature

News Software 05-14-2024 at 17:16 comment
Ukrzaliznytsia has launched a beta version of the updated website for buying railway tickets — with expanded and more convenient functionality.

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