Martian hive: NASA plans to launch a swarm of robotic bees to the Red Planet

News Science and space 07-16-2024 at 18:36 comment
Exploration of other planets has always been a challenge, but NASA’s Advanced Concepts Institute (ACI) has come up with an interesting solution: a swarm of robotic bees.

Sony Xperia 5 VI case seller has revealed Sony Xperia 5 VI – the smartphone was not expected to be released this year

News Devices 07-16-2024 at 18:04 comment
Contrary to previous reports, Sony will release another Xperia 5 smartphone this year. This is evidenced by the page in the online store of the European seller Alza, which put up for sale a Spigen Rugged Armor protective case for the Sony Xperia 5 VI model.

From beets to the development of The Witcher 4 — how a farmer from Australia got into gaming

News Games 07-16-2024 at 17:45 comment
A farmer who grew beets in Australia became a game developer at Projekt Red and is working on The Witcher 4. Pawel Sasko, deputy game director the sequel to Cyberpunk 2077 told us how it happened.

ChatGPT seems to have learned hypnosis — is it safe?

News WTF 07-16-2024 at 17:01 comment
Scott Adams, author of the popular comic strip «Dilbert», claims to have trained ChatGPT artificial intelligence in hypnosis techniques. Adams, who was stripped of his contract last year for making racist remarks, believes that the combination of hypnosis and AI can have «dangerous» consequences.

Demand for electric cars in Ukraine has almost doubled: which models are most often bought

News Auto 07-16-2024 at 16:45 comment
According to UkrAutoprom, more than 24.4 thousand battery electric vehicles were registered in Ukraine in the first half of 2024. This is 94% more than in the same period of the previous year. At the same time, it is noted that most of the registered electric vehicles are used vehicles.

Daylight Saving Time has been canceled in Ukraine — when was the last time we set our clocks?

News Ukraine 07-16-2024 at 16:10 comment
Verkhovna Rada voted a bill to cancel the change from daylight saving time to winter time and vice versa.

The BES blocked the company’s work «Ukrainian Armor» — the head is suspected of financial fraud

News Military Tech 07-16-2024 at 16:03 comment
The Bureau of Economic Security (BES) has blocked the work of «Ukrainian Armor» on charges of causing damage to the state. What both sides say.

Polar ice melting slows down the Earth’s rotation: what does it mean?

News Science and space 07-16-2024 at 15:23 comment
A new study has revealed an unexpected consequence of global warming: the day on our planet is getting longer due to the melting of the polar ice. Scientists from NASA and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich) published their findings in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Generators without duty and VAT: The Rada voted in favor of tax benefits for power equipment

News Devices 07-16-2024 at 15:15 comment
For a long time now, Russian invaders have been shelling Ukraine’s energy system facilities. Due to the lack of generation, Ukrainians and businesses are facing power outages. In an effort to cope with the situation, many people are buying generators and various solutions for energy generation and storage. Due to high demand, their prices…

No interest and up to UAH 480 thousand: «PrivatBank» launches loans for alternative energy

News Devices 07-16-2024 at 13:06 comment
«PrivatBank» launches a loan program «Energy Sources». It is designed for Ukrainians who plan to install solar and wind power plants. About it reports the bank’s press service.

«Greens» against electric cars — Tesla Cybertruck doused with paint in Germany

News Auto 07-16-2024 at 12:52 comment
The presentation of the Tesla Cybertruck in Germany was interrupted by vandals who painted an electric pickup truck. But if In the US, Elon Musk’s haters do it, then in Europe, climate activists are «working» instead.

Authenticity comes first. Kingdom Come: Deliverance II brings in history experts

News Games 07-16-2024 at 12:48 comment
Warhorse Studios chief writer Martin Ziegler has revealed new details about the upcoming game «Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2». In a recent interview He shared information about a unique approach to creating one of the most realistic role-playing projects.

The public beta of iOS 18 is out — here are 9 features that will improve your iPhone

News Devices 07-16-2024 at 12:43 comment
Apple has released the public beta of iOS 18 after a month of exclusive developer testing. We have collected the top new features that can improve your iPhone (spoiler alert: there is no artificial intelligence there yet).

Porsche Panamera hybrid set a new record at the Nurburgring

News Auto 07-16-2024 at 12:18 comment
An unveiled version of the Porsche Panamera has set a new record at the Nürburgring. The model, which has not yet been officially revealed, equipped with a V8 hybrid powertrain, set a time of 7 minutes 24.172 seconds on the North Loop, making it the fastest among «executive sedans».

Wake up, smart home. The new private camera will prevent vacuum cleaners from spying on you

News Technologies 07-16-2024 at 11:37 comment
Engineers at the University of Michigan have developed a unique PrivacyLens camera that protects the privacy of smart device users. This technology prevents the collection and distribution of private photos and videos from devices such as smart home cameras and robotic vacuum cleaners.

«This role is not for a woman»: the star «Alien: Romulus» Kaley Spaney has been rewatching Sigourney Weaver’s performance for months

News Movie 07-16-2024 at 10:57 comment
The star of the movie «Alien: Romulus» Kaley Spaney says she spent months rewatching Sigourney Weaver’s performance as Ellen Ripley in the previous installments of the franchise. It’s a good school, but won’t there be an attempt to copy it?

A 100-meter cave found on the Moon that could be a home for people

News Science and space 07-16-2024 at 10:36 comment
A group of researchers has for the first time recorded the presence of a huge cave on the Moon. With a depth of at least 100 meters, it could be an ideal place to create a permanent base for humanity on the Earth’s satellite.

New Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 XL leak: how the design of Google’s next smartphones will change

News Devices 07-16-2024 at 10:15 comment
With less than a month to go until the next Made by Google event, leaks about upcoming devices are becoming more frequent. We recently learned that Pixel 9 series smartphones will be more expensive than their predecessors (prices in Europe exceed €2000)and now TikTok user pixo_unpacking has posted a video of pre-production samples of the Pixel 9…

iPhone owners will be able to recover lost photos — a special album will appear in the gallery

News Software 07-16-2024 at 09:32 comment
With iOS 18, iPhone users will receive an update to the Photos app — an album with photos and videos that were once thought to be lost.

Asus unveils ExpertBook P5 — its first laptop powered by Intel Lunar Lake processors

News Devices 07-15-2024 at 22:21 comment
Asus has published a detailed review of its upcoming ExpertBook P5 laptop with the latest Intel Lunar Lake processors. However, the company steadfastly avoids mentioning Intel Lunar Lake or any specific chip. Instead, the processor is described as «next-generation Intel Core Ultra» with 45+ TOPS NPU.

Scarlett Johansson thinks OpenAI’s Sam Altman could be a Marvel villain with a mechanical arm

News Movie 07-15-2024 at 21:19 comment
Actress Scarlett Johansson believes that OpenAI CEO Sam Altman would make a great Marvel villain. Johansson’s joke was made after telling about a dispute with Altman and OpenAI over the use of a voice similar to her own.

Energy crisis? No, we haven’t. NVIDIA RTX 5090 and 5060 graphics cards will consume much more

News Devices 07-15-2024 at 20:03 comment
The PC power supply calculator from Seasonic has suddenly become very interesting. The online tool has received NVIDIA RTX 5090 and other new graphics cards as calculation options.

Honda showed Ye S7 — the first crossover of the new “electric” sub-brand Ye

News Auto 07-15-2024 at 18:56 comment
Honda is all set to enter the Chinese electric vehicle market with the Ye S7 electric crossover, the first model under its new Ye electric vehicle sub-brand. The company has published official images of the Ye S7, showing the crossover’s design with a panoramic sunroof. And the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has…

Teaser of the fifth season of the series «Stranger Things» — locations, scenery and such grown-up children

News Movie 07-15-2024 at 17:56 comment
Netflix has released a two-minute teaser with a first look behind the scenes of the fifth and final season of «Stranger Things».

HP OmniBook Ultra: AMD Ryzen AI 300 processor, 21 hours of battery life, and price from $1450

News Devices 07-15-2024 at 17:54 comment
HP has prepared a new high-end laptop with AMD Ryzen AI 300 processor. This model received AI support and a rather long name: HP OmniBook Ultra 14-inch Laptop Next Gen AI PC.

The first after OceanGate: a new expedition goes to the wreck of the Titanic

News Science and space 07-15-2024 at 17:43 comment
RMS Titanic, Inc. has launched a new expedition to the wreck of the legendary liner «Titanic». The vessel Dino Chouest set sail on July 12, 2024, to take detailed photographs and map the wreckage using unmanned underwater vehicles (ROVs).

Tesla Cybertruck has passed the raccoons’ test — they were left hungry

News Auto 07-15-2024 at 17:15 comment
The popular forum «Cybertruck Owners Club», where users post news about Tesla electric pickups and owner experiences, talked about the reliability of the vehicle’s Vault.

July 16 deadline: what awaits those liable for military service who have not updated their data?

News Ukraine 07-15-2024 at 16:59 comment
On July 16, the deadline for persons liable for military service to update their data expires. This applies to men aged 18-60 and certain categories of women. Updates can be made through the TCC, ASC or the «Reserve+» application.

An old HDD and a little nostalgia: an engineer recreates defragmentation sounds and visuals in a browser

News Software 07-15-2024 at 16:39 comment
In most cases, modern computers and laptops are equipped with only silent solid-state drives. HDDs are rarely found in mainstream devices anymore. Along with hard drives, the HDD defragmentation process, which was accompanied by characteristic sounds, has also become a thing of the past. But if anyone misses that «crackling» sound and wants to…

Airplane evacuated in the US due to laptop fire — there are injured

News Technologies 07-15-2024 at 15:29 comment
A laptop caught fire on an American Airlines passenger plane, prompting an emergency evacuation of passengers. Flight 2045 was preparing to depart from San Francisco to Miami when smoke filled the cabin.

Up to +65°C in the sun. Urbanists have identified the «hottest» places in Kyiv

News Ukraine 07-15-2024 at 14:34 comment
Ukraine has been hit by an atypical summer heat wave, which is why temperature records are being updated almost daily. July 11-12, 2024 records were set in a number of areasand this trend continued over the weekend.

From changing orbits to destroying planets: what will happen if a black hole appears in the solar system

News Science and space 07-15-2024 at 14:01 comment
Black holes — are not just «space vacuum cleaners», as some people think. In fact, their impact on the solar system depends on many factors. Carina Voggel, a researcher at the Strasbourg Astronomical Data Center, explains that black holes — are just highly compressed mass, not a destructive force.

Classic PC games are now officially available on iOS: what you need to know

News Games 07-15-2024 at 12:58 comment
A PC emulator that allows you to run classic computer games on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Vision Pro has appeared in the App Store. It is called UTM SE. This is the first time Apple has allowed a PC emulator for iOS and visionOS on its platform.

Google Gemini artificial intelligence snooped through a user’s file without permission

News Software 07-15-2024 at 12:06 comment
Artificial intelligence in the form of assistant programs on computers and smartphones raises natural security concerns. Google Gemini seems to be reading user files even if it is prohibited.

Marvel Mystery: Giancarlo Esposito Says Fans Missed Captain America 4 Character’s Ego

News Movie 07-15-2024 at 12:05 comment
Giancarlo Esposito has intrigued Marvel fans by stating that no one has guessed his role in the upcoming film «Captain America: A Brave New World». The actor shared this information in an interview with ComicBookMovie, fueling theseto his mysterious character.

A potential villain. Robert Downey Jr. almost played another Marvel character before «Iron Man»

News Movie 07-15-2024 at 11:55 comment
Robert Downey Jr. first embodied the character of Tony Stark on screen in «Iron Man» in 2008, but before that he had tried out for another role in the Marvel universe.

The GTA 6 trailer was the second most viewed among games. Who is in the lead?

News Games 07-15-2024 at 11:00 comment
The trailer of the long-awaited GTA 6 game from Rockstar Games has reached a new record of — 200 million views on YouTube. This happened just 7 months after its publication in December last year.

Google, Microsoft or Ukraine? Who consumes more electricity

News IT business 07-15-2024 at 10:44 comment
In 2023, Google and Microsoft each consumed 24 TWh of electricity, which exceeded the consumption of more than 100 countries. However, it should be recognized that both companies also generate more money than many countries.

Underground Mayan temple or secret vault? New discovery of archaeologists in Mexico

News Science and space 07-15-2024 at 10:12 comment
Archaeologists have made an important discovery in the Mexican state of Campeche. During the excavation of the Maya ball field, researchers discovered an underground structure with painted walls.

The most expensive acquisition in Google’s history — how much will the Israeli startup cost the company?

News IT business 07-15-2024 at 09:49 comment
If the deal goes through, it will become the «most expensive» in Google’s history.

Elon Musk wants to create «Iron Man» armor after Trump’s assassination attempt

News Technologies 07-14-2024 at 23:47 comment
The failed assassination attempt on former US President Donald Trump has many people thinking about security. Elon Musk, who is often compared to «Iron Man» Tony Stark, decided to create his own armor.

Valve, the owner of Steam, is a small company with huge salaries, the court found out.

News Games 07-14-2024 at 22:41 comment
Court documents show that Valve, the owner of Steam game store and the manufacturer Steam Deck consoleshas a small staff and a huge payroll.

Apple Watch stayed in the ocean for a year and a half — after that it still worked

News Devices 07-14-2024 at 21:53 comment
An Apple Watch user found his watch in the ocean more than a year after he lost it. This happened thanks to the Apple Find My option that works on the company’s devices.

«The Witcher 4 will be the most advanced game by CD Projekt Red», — developer of the Cyberpunk 2077 sequel

News Games 07-14-2024 at 20:42 comment
Pawel Sasko, Deputy Director of Development for the Cyberpunk 2077 sequel, says that The Witcher 4 — «is the most advanced» project of all the games CD Projekt Red and its partners are currently working on.

«Despicable Me» / «Minions» — the first animated franchise to gross $5 billion

News Movie 07-14-2024 at 18:38 comment
While «Despicable Me 4» by Illumination / Universal continues to roll outthe latest animated film about Gru and his «gang» helped the «Despicable Me» / «Minions» franchise earn more than $5 billion ($5.025 billion as of Friday) worldwide.

If not for Baldur’s Gate 3, Larian would have made Fallout, — Sven Winke

News Games 07-14-2024 at 16:16 comment
The CEO of Larian, the developers of Baldur’s Gate 3, says that if they hadn’t managed to reach an agreement with Wizards of the Coast, the company would have made Fallout, Ultima, or something similar.

George Martin says that «Game of Thrones» distorted the Targaryen coat of arms

News Movie 07-12-2024 at 23:40 comment
A Song of Ice and Fire» author George Martin says that the HBO series Game of Thrones» and A House of Dragons» have misrepresented the Targaryen symbol.

The first Olympic Games in esports will be held in 2025 in Saudi Arabia

News Games 07-12-2024 at 22:00 comment
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has announced that the first Olympic Esports Games will be held in Saudi Arabia in 2025 as part of a 12-year collaboration with the country’s Olympic Committee. The host city, venues, and dates of the competition have not yet been determined, as well as the games and qualification process for each.

Airborne ATACMS for Ukraine are being developed in the United States — when new missiles appear

News Military Tech 07-12-2024 at 20:52 comment
The U.S. Air Force will develop a new class of precision air-to-air missiles for Ukraine. They are comparable to ATACMS missiles by characteristics.

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