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«We thought it was impossible». Astronomers discover frost near the equator of Mars

News Science and space 06-11-2024 at 13:07 comment
Previously, it was believed that there was no water ice in this region (equivalent to the tropics on Earth), so the latest discovery should radically change the modeling of future Mars exploration missions.

SpaceX completes Starfactory at the Boca Chica Cosmodrome to produce one Starship per day

News Science and space 06-10-2024 at 10:55 comment
The Starbase production site is getting an expansion called Starfactory, which should help SpaceX’s plans to produce at least one megastar per day.

NASA astronaut William Anders, who took the photo «Earthrise» from the moon’s orbit in 1968, died in a plane crash

News Science and space 06-08-2024 at 11:54 comment
William Anders, an astronaut on the NASA «Apollo 8» mission in 1968, who took the iconic photograph «Earthrise», died in a plane crash. He was 90 years old.

SpaceX launches the world’s largest rocket, Starship, for the fourth time — both stages were able to be driven (but not without losses)

News Science and space 06-06-2024 at 18:27 comment
The fourth test flight of the SpaceX Starship super-heavy launch vehicle was much more successful than the previous ones — both stages completed their missions and successfully re-entered the atmosphere (although the second stage was damaged) The launch was broadcast live in the account SpaceX on X/Twitter.

The Boeing Starliner spacecraft launched for the first time with astronauts on board. But during the flight, a helium leak was discovered again

News Science and space 06-06-2024 at 11:39 comment
After almost 20 years of planning, development, testing and delays, the Boeing Starliner spacecraft made its first manned launch and sent astronauts to the ISS as part of the Crew Flight Test (CFT) mission. The launch of the Atlas V rocket with the Starliner capsule took place on June 5 at 17:52 Kyiv time.

SpaceX will try to re-launch Starship on June 6

News Science and space 06-05-2024 at 18:21 comment
The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued a launch license to SpaceX for the Starship Flight 4 test mission. The launch is currently scheduled for Thursday, June 6. The launch will take place from the SpaceX Starbase near Boca Chica Beach in South Texas.

DARPA and Slingshot create a system to detect satellites with hidden functions hiding among peaceful mega constellations

News Military Tech 06-05-2024 at 16:41 comment
The number of satellites in low Earth orbit is expected to increase significantly in the coming years as more and more mega constellations become available. At the same time, this will create new opportunities for attackers to hide weapons or spy satellites among a fleet of peaceful satellites – wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Japan loses contact with «Akatsuki» — the only spacecraft connecting Earth and Venus

News Science and space 06-03-2024 at 15:05 comment
The $300 million spacecraft was launched in 2010, but the mission failed to enter Venus’ orbit on the first attempt due to a failure of the main engine — «Akatsuki» for five years, orbiting the Sun until it finally approached the planet.

China has landed» on the back of the Moon for the second time with the Chanye-6» spacecraft

News Science and space 06-03-2024 at 11:56 comment
China is currently the only country to land its spacecraft on the back of the Moon (the previous one «Chang’e-4» back in 2019).

Clothes charge your smartphone: scientists have developed a fabric that converts heat into electricity

News Science and space 06-02-2024 at 23:20 comment
With the development of wearable devices and the Internet of Things, a sustainable solution for powering wireless devices and sensors is becoming important. Thermoelectric generators, which convert waste heat into electricity, can be one of them. A research team led by Masakazu Nakamura of the Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST),…

Hawaiians protest the construction of seven US Space Force telescopes — «negatively affect mental, emotional and spiritual health»

News Science and space 05-24-2024 at 22:34 comment
Many Hawaii residents oppose plans by the U.S. Space Force to build new telescopes designed to track satellites and prevent them from colliding in orbit. The US Air Force Department has proposed building up to seven new telescopes and an optical laboratory atop Haleakala on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

SpaceX’s Starship Raptor rocket engine explodes during testing

News Science and space 05-24-2024 at 09:49 comment
As SpaceX was preparing for the fourth Starship flight at its facilities in Boca Chica, Texas, a Starship Raptor engine appears to have burned up at SpaceX’s rocket engine test site in McGregor, also in Texas.

Electronics for Venus exploration: Gallium nitride semiconductors tested at 500℃

News Science and space 05-23-2024 at 20:33 comment
Gallium nitride is touted as the next-generation semiconductor that could one day replace silicon, but research into this material is still in its infancy. Researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other US institutes decided to take the technology to the next level and tested the material at temperatures above 500℃.

Space telescope «Euclid» takes new photos in search of dark matter 2.7 billion light-years away

News Science and space 05-23-2024 at 15:34 comment
The «Euclid» telescope team has released five new images of the cosmos that showcase a multitude of celestial objects in unprecedented detail. The «Euclid» is called the «Dark Universe Detector» because its primary mission is to explore two of the most mysterious elements of space: dark energy and dark matter.

NASA switches on futuristic Hall engines at Psyche station — now the spacecraft is moving at 133.2 thousand km/h

News Science and space 05-23-2024 at 11:14 comment
NASA has turned on the electric Hall thrusters on Psyche, the spacecraft now moving smoothly toward the metal-rich celestial body of the same name in the asteroid belt beyond Mars. The agency reports that Psyche is now in «full cruise» mode, six months after its launch on October 13, 2023 on a SpaceX rocket.

From sick to healthy. Neurostartup shows eerie promo of the world’s first head transplant system

News Science and space 05-22-2024 at 18:16 comment
Perhaps not everyone will feel comfortable reading on, but anyway, the world’s first «head transplantation system» from BrainBridge has been unveiled and is expected to be operational within eight years. BrainBridge, a startup in the field of neuroscience and biomedical engineering, presented its almost fantastic concept in an eight-minute…

Blue Origin sends tourists into space for the first time in two years — one of the parachutes did not open

News Science and space 05-20-2024 at 10:12 comment
Blue Origin is back in the space tourism business. On May 19, Jeff Bezos’s space company successfully delivered six customers to the edge of space and back. The flight broke a nearly two-year hiatus from crewed missions. This was Blue Origin’s seventh human spaceflight. The NS-25 mission — a fast walk to cross the Karman line, the…

Quantum entangled photon «traveled» 35 km through the streets of Boston

News Science and space 05-17-2024 at 18:14 comment
Amazon and Harvard University created the «quantum network», which transmitted an entangled photon from one quantum computer to another through 35 kilometers of fiber optic cable.

Probable remnant of the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft weighing 40 kg crashed on a farm in Canada

News Science and space 05-17-2024 at 11:53 comment
Just a month after a piece of the ISS pierced the roof of a house in FloridaWe have a new case of falling space debris. This time, no buildings were damaged, as a piece of space debris landed on the fields of a farm in Canada.

Boeing postpones «damned» Starliner mission — valve repaired, but there was a «small helium leak»

News Science and space 05-15-2024 at 15:13 comment
Starliner launch a week ago stopped due to a faulty oxygen valveHowever, it turned out that the spacecraft had other problems.

Monster sunspot «produced» the most powerful X8.7 flare in 11 years

News Science and space 05-15-2024 at 12:03 comment
The giant sunspot on the Sun, designated as AR3664, left us a parting gift, but this time without the bonus of the Aurora Borealis.

For autopilot and people: scientists propose a fourth traffic light signal

News Auto 05-13-2024 at 23:44 comment
The researchers propose adding a fourth light to the traffic light — for self-driving cars. The new signal, possibly white, would signal when there are enough autonomous vehicles on the road to adjust traffic.

CRISPR gene editing tool helps partially restore vision to blind patients in clinical trials

News Science and space 05-13-2024 at 12:56 comment
We are talking about patients with Leber’s amaurosis, a rare congenital retinal disease that affects about one in 40 thousand newborns. The genetic mutation leads to complete blindness in about a third of patients, and there are currently no approved treatment options.

Supercapacitor made of chicken with the smell of fried onions — scientists have turned chicken fat into an energy storage device

News Science and space 05-11-2024 at 21:32 comment
Some materials for energy storage (such as supercapacitors) can be expensive and pollute the environment. Producing alternative energy storage from things that people normally throw away can help with this. A study published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces reports on the transformation of chicken fat into carbon electrodes for…

Starlink, GPS, and power supply affected by the Northern Lights — solar storm to last for several more days

News Science and space 05-11-2024 at 19:30 comment
The powerful geomagnetic storm that led to a night of aurora borealis on Friday across much of Europe and the United States and disrupted Starlink and GPS will continue until at least Sunday. The Space Weather Prediction Center at the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Prediction Center notes that as of Saturday morning, G5 extreme conditions…

Complete scan of 1 mm³ of human brain using AI took 1.4 PB — Harvard and Google researchers scan 57 thousand cells and 150 million synapses

News Science and space 05-11-2024 at 16:55 comment
The full scan data of 1 cubic mm of the human brain took 1.4 petabytes of memory just to store the sample images. The deep dive into neural mapping was done by researchers from Harvard and artificial intelligence experts at Google. Expanding this experiment to the entire brain would take 1.6 zettabytes, the required storage would cost $50 billion,…

Forget about Earth — NASA plans to launch a robotic muggle on the Moon in the 2030s

News Science and space 05-10-2024 at 17:29 comment
A maglev or magnetoplane is a train on a magnetic suspension that is driven and controlled by magnetic forces. And despite the fact that the technology is still is not sufficiently developed on Earth the US space agency plans to launch this miracle railroad on the Moon in the next decade.

What are whales singing about? ML analysis reveals «deeper» than expected meaning of conversations and use of a separate alphabet

News Science and space 05-09-2024 at 16:23 comment
A study of whale language using machine learning has revealed a complex phonetic system that suggests cetaceans can talk to each other just like humans.

Starliner did not take off: the first manned flight of the Boeing spacecraft was canceled due to problems with the oxygen valve

News Science and space 05-07-2024 at 12:52 comment
The next launch attempt may be scheduled for Friday, but delays have become typical for the mission due to ongoing problems with the spacecraft’s design.

A record for fusion: 50 million °C for 6 minutes at WEST reactor supported by French and American scientists

News Science and space 05-07-2024 at 11:07 comment
A new record for fusion was set by researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, and the French Commission for Alternative Energy and Atomic Energy using the tungsten-walled tokamak WEST.

Hubble Network establishes Bluetooth connection with satellite for the first time in history

News Science and space 05-03-2024 at 18:16 comment
Hubble Network became the first company in the world to establish a Bluetooth connection directly to a satellite. The startup launched its first two satellites into orbit as part of the SpaceX Transporter-10 mission in March. The company confirmed that it received signals from the embedded 3.5-millimeter Bluetooth chips from a distance of more than…

The mysterious object observed in the Ukrainian sky at night turned out to be the second stage of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket

News Science and space 05-03-2024 at 09:47 comment
The May sky continues to amaze Ukrainians with bright nighttime spectacles. Shortly after the outbreak of the superbird, a new unusual phenomenon could be observed last night over Kyiv and some other regions.

China shows a project of a space base on the Moon — for some reason, the NASA shuttle, decommissioned in 2011, was there

News Science and space 05-01-2024 at 13:18 comment
The video by the Chinese National Space Administration details a large lunar outpost, but interestingly, it contains CGI of a NASA space shuttle taking off from the lunar surface.

Flash over Ukraine — probably a superbolid (very bright meteor)

News Science and space 05-01-2024 at 11:04 comment
On May 1, at 1 a.m., a meteor-like phenomenon was observed in the sky over some regions of Ukraine, with reports of a flash coming from Kharkiv, Sumy, Poltava, Zaporizhzhia, and Dnipro.

Scientists turn printed circuit boards into jelly for better recycling

News Science and space 05-01-2024 at 08:30 comment
Scientists from the University of Washington have invented new printed circuit boards that could significantly reduce the amount of electronic waste that ends up in landfills. These boards partially turn into jelly, which is easy to recycle.

Nokia to launch LTE on the Moon in 2024… «It’s already happened»

News Science and space 04-30-2024 at 11:15 comment reports that Nokia is developing an LTE/4G communication system for the Moon. Its first part may be launched as early as the end of this year. The hardware for a simplified version of the network is to be launched later this year as part of the IM-2 Intuitive Machine mission, which is to land at the south pole of the Moon.

The mysterious Inca city on Mars was attacked by «black spiders» — what did the satellite images really show?

News Science and space 04-25-2024 at 16:58 comment
Arachnophobes can rest easy — new ESA satellite images of flocks of black spiders on Mars actually show a seasonal phenomenon common to the planet.

The Herculaneum scrolls indicated where Plato was buried — they were read «by the bionic eye»

News Science and space 04-25-2024 at 14:54 comment
Three years ago, a research team at the University of Pisa decided to decipher the Herculaneum Scrolls using a new technology known as the «bionic eye». The scrolls were discovered in the 18th century, and many scholars have tried to restore them. However, most of these historical documents could not be read due to their poor condition (which can…

Who will pay? Florida resident appeals to NASA for compensation — his house was damaged by debris thrown from the ISS

News Science and space 04-25-2024 at 09:50 comment
In March, a kilogram piece of metal pierced the roof and floor in the two-story house of Florida resident Alejandro Otero. Later it turned out that it was space debris — viz, support for the cargo pallet for batteries with a total weight of 2630 kg, which was ejected from the ISS in 2021.

Legendary «Voyager-1» «called» home after 5 months of no communication

News Science and space 04-23-2024 at 12:53 comment
On April 20, the NASA spacecraft, which is currently outside the solar system, updated its «health» — data and sent quite analyzable information after broadcasting continuous gibberish for 5 months. This concerns information about the state of the ship’s onboard engineering systems.

Failed stars appear to be able to generate their own aurora — thanks to a hidden exomoon

News Science and space 04-23-2024 at 12:43 comment
By studying data sent by the James Webb Space Telescope, astronomers have detected methane emissions coming from a brown dwarf, or «loser star» — previously thought to be not warm enough for this phenomenon.

The Ferrari designer was there — Halo Space showed the interior of the capsule, which will take «to the stratosphere for $150 thousand.

News Science and space 04-22-2024 at 15:38 comment
Halo Space, founded in 2021, offers space tourism services and uses balloons instead of rockets or jets. The ticket price is still unaffordable for most people and reaches $150 thousand, although the use of balloons is much cheaper (and more environmentally friendly) — for example, Virgin Galactic offers commercial flights for $450 thousand,…

«Devil’s Comet» brightest on April 21 — it happens once every 71 years

News Science and space 04-21-2024 at 14:34 comment
On Sunday, April 21, comet 12P/Pons-Brooks (Ponce-Brooks), known as «Devil’s Comet», «Horned Comet», or «Millennium Falcon», has become the most visible in the sky. The celestial body, which visits the solar system once every 71 years, has reached perihelion — the point in its elliptical orbit when it is closest to the Sun.

Parisian startup creates a jet-powered «boxing glove» that will push space debris out of orbit

News Science and space 04-18-2024 at 15:04 comment
The spacecraft, called the Interceptor, will be launched, similar to Virgin Galactic systems, by a rocket from a specially equipped aircraft.

NASA confirms that a support for a cargo pallet that was dropped from the ISS back in 2021 fell on a house in Florida

News Science and space 04-16-2024 at 15:20 comment
The space debris was simply ejected from the station — most of it was supposed to burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere, but one of the fragments «survived» and pierced the roof and floor in the two-story house of a Florida resident.

20 times is not the limit. SpaceX updates Falcon 9 reusability record

News Science and space 04-15-2024 at 13:34 comment
Do you still remember the famous SpaceX skeptic meme «then we’ll talk»?

Goodbye, «keratin». Some hair straightening products will be banned in the US, but the rest are not too safe

News Science and space 04-12-2024 at 14:42 comment
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is expected to ban the use of formaldehyde in currently popular hair straightening products at the end of April, but experts say that this is not enough «not enough».

US Space Force plans first military exercise in space

News Military Tech 04-12-2024 at 13:42 comment
The US Space Force has announced a collaboration with Rocket Lab and True Anomaly for a first-of-its-kind mission designed to demonstrate how the military can counter «aggression in orbit». During this mission, a spacecraft created and launched by Rocket Lab will pursue another satellite created by the startup True Anomaly.

Astronomers see rainbow for the first time outside the solar system — near distant «hellish planet»

News Science and space 04-12-2024 at 09:28 comment
We are talking about the exoplanet WASP-76 b, which delighted researchers with a bright light show, better known as «gloria» — until now it has been observed only within the Solar System.

Heavy rocket Delta IV Heavy takes off for the last time — it has been in use for 20 years

News Science and space 04-10-2024 at 09:37 comment
On the evening of April 9, Delta IV Heavy completed its last mission and ended its 20-year flight career as the ULA heavy launch vehicle launched a classified military satellite for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office.

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