Movie review «Sting»

Reviews Movie 06-15-2024 at 14:00 comment
On June 13, the arachnophobic horror film «Sting», in which the characters will have to confront a huge bloodthirsty spider. In the review below, we will tell you how scary it is to watch this action and what other emotions the film can evoke. «Sting» Genre horror movie Director Kiah Roach-Turner Starring Ryan Corr, Alila […]

Review of the documentary «Episodes: Ukraine at the World Cup»

Reviews Movie 06-15-2024 at 10:00 comment
On Friday, June 14, the 17th European Football Championship kicked off in Germany, and very soon the Ukrainian national team will play its first match in the tournament. At the beginning of the week, Netflix presented the documentary «Ukraine at the World Cup», which was screened exclusively in the «Planeta Kino» cinema chain in April…

«Stone of Farewell» Ted Williams: a vivid continuation of the cult epic fantasy

Reviews Books 06-14-2024 at 14:00 comment
We have already talked about «The Dragonbone Chair» — the first part of the cult saga «Memory, Grief, and Thorns» by the popular American writer Ted Williams. Now, the publishing house «A priori», where this series is published, has released the second volume of the series, titled «Stone of Farewell». As a reminder, these books […]

Razer Kishi V2 review: a device for turning a smartphone into a portable console

Devices Devices 06-14-2024 at 10:00 comment
Mobile gaming is so popular that we have long had not only specialized gaming smartphones such asNubia REDMAGIC 9 Probut also a variety of gadgets and devices. One of these popular solutions is the Razer Kishi V2 gamepad for smartphones. This current model turns phones into portable consoles. But is it worth your attention and […]

Audeze MM-100 headphones review: affordable planar monitors from the legendary brand

Reviews Audio 06-13-2024 at 10:00 comment
Today we review headphones from one of the most famous manufacturers of isodynamic models – Audeze, namely full-size open monitors in MM-series design, with slightly reduced dimensions and noticeably reduced price, relative to popular models of the manufacturer, such as Audeze LCD-2 and Audeze LCD-3. Let’s take a closer look at the new…

Laptops will never be the same again — how AI and Snapdragon processors will change them. Interview with Acer Vice President Massimiliano Rossi

Interview Devices 06-12-2024 at 14:00 comment
Interviewing corporate representatives is a gamble with little chance of success. Most often, the interlocutors answer in the style of corporate press releases, where they will not forget to mention the word unique 20 times and emphasize the exclusivity of their product 50 more. However, it was different with Massimiliano Rossi, Vice President of…

The worst computer components of 2024: what not to buy

Articles Technologies 06-12-2024 at 10:00 comment
How to build a profitable computer without making serious mistakes? It is enough to know the worst computer components in 2024 to avoid them. We have conducted a detailed analysis of the market of new and used PC parts and are ready to share useful information with our readers. There are much more good and […]

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 12 laptop review: why is it so expensive?

Reviews Devices 06-11-2024 at 10:00 comment
The compact flagship Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 12 is almost impossible to perceive without emotions, and not just positive ones. We have tested the carbon handsome man in benchmarks, collected user experience, and are ready to share our impressions, which are very mixed. This laptop will share the opinions of the fans of the […]

TOP 10 family cars on the secondary market of Ukraine

Articles Auto 06-10-2024 at 10:00 comment
The market offers many cars, among which you can easily get confused and lose your bearings. The main thing here is to decide what function the car will perform for you. If the task is to find a spacious and reliable car that can accommodate a family with three or more children, this selection will […]

Movie review «The Watchers»

Reviews Movie 06-09-2024 at 14:30 comment
Starting June 6, you can watch a new horror movie in theaters «The Watchers», based on the novel of the same name by Irish writer A.M. Shine. This is the feature film directorial debut of Ishana Night Shyamalan, the daughter of the master of mystical thrillers/horror M. Night Shyamalan, who also produced the film. In […]

Movie review «Bad Boys: Ride or Die»

Reviews Movie 06-09-2024 at 10:00 comment
On June 6, the comedy action movie «Bad Boys: Ride or Die» starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as Miami cops. This is the fourth installment comedy action franchise «Bad Boys» and the second in a row, directed by the Belgian duo Adil & Bilal. In the review below, we tell you what kind of […]

Film franchise «Bad Boys»: how an unremarkable buddy movie grew to become a successful series of films

Articles Movie 06-08-2024 at 14:00 comment
On June 6, Miami Metro detectives Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett, played by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, return to the screens «Bad Boys: Ride or Die» — is the fourth appearance of the implacable crime fighters among the sun-drenched Miami palm trees. Before the film’s release, we decided to recall the previous three, tell […]

Film review «Under Paris» / Sous la Seine

Reviews Movie 06-08-2024 at 10:00 comment
On June 5, the horror film «Under Paris» was released on Netflix. This is a new film by French director Xavier Jeans, who previously worked on the first adaptation of the cult stealth action game Hitman, and the mediocre horror films «The Crucifixion» and «Cold Skin», and also directed several episodes of the hit series […]

«Alien Oceans: The Search for Life in the Depths of Space» Kevin Peter Hand: a book about the difficulties of searching for extraterrestrial life

Reviews Books 06-07-2024 at 14:00 comment
The Book Club welcomes readers and fans of literature once again. Today, we are not talking about «fiction» — we are going to talk about the popular science book «Alien Oceans: The Search for Life in the Depths of Space» by the famous American astrobiologist and planetary scientist Kevin Peter Hand. It was published […]

Lenovo Tab M11 review: a budget tablet with a metal case and a stylus

Reviews Devices 06-07-2024 at 10:00 comment
We continue to talk about affordable tablets that are officially sold on the Ukrainian market. We have already published material about Acer Iconia Tab 10and now it’s time for the latest Lenovo Tab M11. This tablet has a version with and without LTE, can come with a case, but always has a convenient stylus for […]

The world of mobile technology before the Apple iPhone: the best phones of 2006

Articles Devices 06-06-2024 at 10:00 comment
A year before the release of the first Apple iPhone, the world of mobile technology had no idea that the phone would soon be reinvented, and endless content consumption for 8-12 hours a day would become the norm for the majority of the population. In 2006, many good models were released, but the enthusiasm and […]

The most interesting new games of June 2024

Games Games 06-05-2024 at 14:00 comment
Traditionally, in June, the gaming industry goes into hibernation, giving the summer to gaming exhibitions, presentations, and announcements of upcoming games. However, we won’t be left without any new releases, the main one being an expansion to one of the best games of recent years. Read about it and other new games in our selection…

Acer Aspire Go 15 AG15-31P laptop review: office champion for $450

Reviews Devices 06-05-2024 at 10:00 comment
It’s the feature-to-price ratio that makes the Acer Aspire Go 15 AG15-31P such an interesting device, because it doesn’t really offer anything interesting. It’s a boring office machine for basic tasks that has every chance of becoming a bestseller. It’s also almost perfect as a first laptop for a school or college student on…

Acer in 2024: «Macbook killers» Swift 14 AI, TravelMate P4 laptops-transformers, and new Chromebooks with Google AI

Articles Devices 06-04-2024 at 14:00 comment
This week and last week, the Taiwanese brand Acer presented updated laptops from the popular TravelMate series, new Chromebooks, and, without exaggeration, revolutionary Windows devices with Snapdragon processors based on ARM architecture. Here is a brief overview of the new products. Windows laptops on ARM: long-awaited Macbook killers or…

PC of the month (June 2024)

Articles Devices 06-04-2024 at 10:00 comment
Nvidia RTX 5000 graphics cards are coming soon, and «old» components are getting cheaper in anticipation of the new series, so it’s time to build a bargain PC of the month. In this issue, we have collected five successful configurations for different tastes and budgets, taking into account current discounts in stores. Budget PC of…

Changan CS35 Plus test drive: it could be better

Auto Auto 06-03-2024 at 10:00 comment
Modesty is a beautiful thing when there’s nothing else to decorate — that’s what we can say about our test drive hero. This compact crossover turned out to be more adequate and cheerful in behavior than its big brother, but unfortunately lacking in charm. I know that you don’t like stories about Chinese cars, but […]

The most interesting new series of June 2024

Articles Series 06-02-2024 at 14:00 comment
In June, series sequels look at least as attractive as the new releases themselves. In contrast to «Acolyte», the next project based on «Star Wars», and «Presumed Innocent», based on the novel of the same name by Scott Turow, the next seasons of the hit «The Boys» and «House of the Dragon» are coming up. […]

Review of the series «The Sympathizer»

Reviews Series 06-02-2024 at 10:00 comment
At the end of May, HBO TV channel finished airing the drama, spy thriller and satirical comedy «The Sympathizer». The plot is based on the novel of the same name by Vietnamese American writer Viet Thanh Nguyen, who won the Pulitzer Prize in 2016. In the review below, we admire the new reincarnations of ex-Iron […]

The most interesting new movies of June 2024

Articles Movie 06-01-2024 at 14:00 comment
June’s repertoire may surprise you. The first month of summer offers quirky plots — from an LGBT story with Dakota Johnson to a Chuck Norris comeback in a low-budget science fiction. From horror stories about bloodthirsty spiders and sharks to lighthearted comedies with star-studded casts. From action movies with warriors Jessica Alba and…

Movie review «One Life»

Reviews Movie 06-01-2024 at 10:00 comment
On May 30, cinemas began showing the biographical drama «One Life», which tells the story of British philanthropist Nicholas Winton. On the eve of World War II, he tried to save Jewish children from German-occupied Czechoslovakia. The screenplay is based on the book «If It’s Not Impossible… The Life of Sir Nicholas Winton» written…

«I Am Legend» Richard Matheson. The cult post-apocalyptic novel about vampires

Reviews Books 05-31-2024 at 14:00 comment
The fantasy genre of vampires, zombies, and apocalypse has been around for a long time, both in cinema and literature. Yes, from time to time, it changes and follows the fashion. Whether it’s the confrontation between werewolves and bloodsuckers against the backdrop of teenage love, or, again, a mysterious post-apocalypse with teenagers…

Lenovo ThinkBook 13x G4 IMH laptop review: style, grace and performance of Intel Core Ultra 9

Reviews Devices 05-31-2024 at 10:00 comment
The Lenovo ThinkBook 13x G4 IMH can be considered a distant analog of the Apple MacBook without exaggeration: a compact metal case, excellent battery life, high-quality sound, and a luxurious screen. Of course, there were some compromises, and the hero of the review has plenty of them. So what is an ultra-thin laptop powered by […]

Nubia REDMAGIC 9 Pro review: the new king of mobile gaming

Reviews Devices 05-30-2024 at 10:00 comment
Recently, we wrote about a new gaming flagship ASUS ROG Phone 8 Pro. And now has tested another interesting variant for mobile gaming called Nubia REDMAGIC 9 Pro, which is already officially sold in Ukraine. Nubia is a subsidiary brand of ZTE that specializes in smartphones for mobile gamers. The device stands out with a […]

Nobody needs beautiful graphics: why does nobody play AAA projects?

Articles Games 05-29-2024 at 11:00 comment
According to statistics, the most popular video games have a simple look, and nobody needs beautiful graphics, nor powerful gaming computers. In this article, we will analyze the market, understand the psychology of the player, and try to understand what guides developers and typical gamers. Successes of the gaming industry Let’s start with…

Technics EAH-AZ80 review: technologically advanced TWS with surround sound

Reviews Audio 05-28-2024 at 10:00 comment
Today we are reviewing a new product from the legendary Technics audio brand, which is primarily known for its stationary devices: Technics EAH-AZ80 wireless headphones with high-quality noise cancellation, rich and surround sound, and a well-thought-out and functional application Let’s take a closer look at its features, tell you about its…

TOP 10 most affordable electric cars in Ukraine: Opel, Toyota, Honda and others

Auto Articles 05-27-2024 at 10:00 comment
Electric cars are becoming more and more common on Ukrainian roads, and the number of owners has already reached 100 thousand. The market is full of offers, so we have compiled a list of the most affordable and interesting representatives, which, in our opinion, are worthy of attention. I am constantly asked what kind of […]

The best movies of 2004: What we watched 20 years ago

Articles Movie 05-26-2024 at 14:00 comment
Do you remember what movies were playing in theaters back in the noughties? And what did the movie repertoire offer 20 years ago, in sunny May 2004? Today, we want to remind you what cinema was like that year, when California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger made a completely silly cameo, Tom Cruise unexpectedly played a sinister […]

Review of the movie «Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga»

Reviews Movie 05-26-2024 at 10:00 comment
On May 23, the post-apocalyptic action film «Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga» was released in cinemas. This is a spin-off prequel to one of the greatest action blockbusters of at least the 21st century «Mad Max: Fury Road» (2015) and the fifth film in George Miller’s gritty, anarchic franchise. In this review, we will tell […]

Movie review «Atlas»

Reviews Movie 05-25-2024 at 14:00 comment
On May 24, the Netflix streaming platform presented another new movie for the weekend called «Atlas». This sci-fi action movie starring Jennifer Lopez has already begun to collect devastating reviews in various media. In the review below, we will analyze why this has never happened before, and now it has happened again, but we will […]

Movie review «Darkness of Man»

Reviews Movie 05-25-2024 at 10:00 comment
On May 21, the official digital release of the action thriller «Darkness of Man» starring action star Jean-Claude Van Damme took place. In this review, we discuss why the filmmakers have chosen the wrong genre for their unpretentious brainchild. «Darkness of Man» Genre thriller, action movie Director James Cullen Bressack Starring Jean-Claude…

«Babel, or the Necessity of Violence» Rebecca Kwan: an alternative history fantasy about the power of words and the importance of language

Reviews Books 05-24-2024 at 14:00 comment
Chinese-American writer Rebecca Kwan first made a splash with her fantasy trilogy «Poppy War», which won several prestigious literary awards and went viral on TikTok and YouTube. Then the author took on something experimental, darker and more serious and wrote the novel «Babel, or the Necessity of Violence». The book was on the top of The New…

Motorola Moto Buds+ review: universal TWS headphones with ANC and high-quality microphone

Reviews Devices 05-24-2024 at 10:00 comment
Motorola has released new TWS headphones Moto Buds+. Judging by the partnership with Bose, available features, and price tag, the fresh audio gadget is clearly aimed at competing with popular models from Apple, Samsung, Google, Oneplus, and others. We have already tested the novelty for some time, so we have our own opinion on the […]

MSI SPATIUM M580 PCIe 5.0 NVMe M.2 FROZR drive review: the new king of speed

Reviews Devices 05-23-2024 at 14:00 comment
You can’t have too much speed — that’s what the new owner of the MSI SPATIUM M580 PCIe 5.0 NVMe M.2 FROZR will say, and he’ll be partially right. This top-of-the-line drive really impresses with its speed performance, but it did not come without a few compromises. We have tested the new product in synthetic […]

Gaming console for work: can the Xbox Series S replace a PC?

Articles Devices 05-23-2024 at 10:00 comment
Many people have a stereotype that a computer is exclusively for work, and a game console is only for entertainment, although in fact, modern consoles can do much more. Using the Xbox Series S as an example, we checked whether you need a personal computer if you already have a modern game console at home. […]

Impressions from SAND. Galicians take over space

Games Games 05-22-2024 at 10:00 comment
Hologryph, a Ukrainian studio from Lviv, has just presented the first gameplay trailer for its open-world PvPvE game SAND. You might remember it from its stylish steampunk trailer with Galician characters. managed to play an early version of the game, and now we will share our impressions. Galician elite In an alternate twentieth century,…

Gelius Union review: 3-in-1 wireless magnetic charger with a foldable design and metal body

Reviews Devices 05-21-2024 at 15:00 comment
A month ago, we told you about a table clock with wireless charging Gelius Time Bridge 2. Today, we’ll talk about another similar device from the same brand called Gelius Union. It’s a stylish, compact, and sophisticated charger that can charge three gadgets simultaneously wirelessly. We have been using it for several weeks and are…

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 review. The sequel is worth the wait

Games Games 05-21-2024 at 11:00 comment
Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 was announced in 2019 right after the presentation of the next-generation Xbox Series X|S consoles. The trailer impressed with its atmosphere, animations, and detail, although at that time, the game development was just about to begin. In less than four years, did the authors manage to realize their vision and repeat…

Citroen e-C4 test drive: a balanced approach to electrification

Auto Auto 05-20-2024 at 10:00 comment
Amid the constant replenishment of the market with new products from the Chinese automotive industry, an electric car from a familiar brand has become a healing breath of fresh air. From the very first minute, you can feel the style, quality and attention to detail. But the main thing is that we get not just […]

Review of the series «Sugar»

Reviews Movie 05-19-2024 at 11:00 comment
On May 17, the detective show «Sugar» starring Colin Farrell, who also served as the project’s executive producer, ended its run on Apple TV+. In the review below, we will tell you what cinematic means the authors of this seemingly old-fashioned classic story hope to use to attract the viewer’s attention. «Sugar» Genre neo-noir,…

Movie review «Reflection»

Reviews Movie 05-18-2024 at 14:00 comment
On May 16, Valentyn Vasyanovych’s drama «Reflection», which became the first Ukrainian film in the last three decades to compete for the main award at the Venice Film Festival, finally reaches theaters. In the review below, we analyze the similarities and differences between «Reflection» and the director’s previous work…

Movie review «Boy Kills World»

Reviews Movie 05-18-2024 at 10:00 comment
On May 16, the comedy action movie «Boy Kills World» starring Bill Skarsgard was released in cinemas. In the review below, we tell you why it’s better not to take your kids to the screening and how the former Pennywise looks like a muscular action hero. «Boy Kills World» Genre comedy dystopian action movie Director […]

«Mythologeme»: a Ukrainian painting about an underground military base in the Carpathians and a battle with goblins

Reviews Comics. 05-17-2024 at 15:00 comment has already published articles about iconic Ukrainian cartoons. Among them, we’d like to mention a superhero publication from the 1990s «Buffalo» and several bright contemporary comics «Widowmaker», «Hermann» and«Pitman». Today we’re going to talk about a comic book by Ukrainian author Ivan Popovych. It’s called…

Motorola Moto G24 Power smartphone review: a week without charging and «clean» Android

Reviews Devices 05-17-2024 at 11:00 comment
Many people charge their phones every day, but what about once a week? Motorola Moto G24 Power is capable of this, of course, under certain conditions. In this review, we checked whether the 6000 mAh battery will really help the owner forget where he last put the power adapter. We also tested the performance of […]

PocketBook InkPad Color 3 review: a color screen reader for reading books, magazines, and drawings

Reviews Books 05-16-2024 at 10:00 comment
After the release of the 7.8-inch reader PocketBook InkPad 4 PocketBook has introduced another model in a similar format, but with a color screen. This is the PocketBook InkPad Color 3 with an updated body, a fresh Kaleido 3 screen, serious water protection, a night theme, and other features of the latest models of the […]

The world of mobile technology before the Apple iPhone: the best phones of 2005 (Part 2)

Articles Technologies 05-15-2024 at 11:00 comment
The year was 2005, and the Apple iPhone was two years away, but this year’s best phones don’t even come close to resembling what Steve Jobs had prepared for everyone. Those times were extremely rich in innovations, crazy shapes, and unique engineering solutions. Devices either became legends or crashed into oblivion, although there were…

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