Intel Core i9 13 and 14 instability not resolved — new microcode patch only mitigates impact

News Devices 06-15-2024 at 19:58 comment
Website Igor’s Lab reported that Intel has discovered the root of the stability problems with 13th and 14th generation Core i9 processors (Raptor Lake) with unlocked overclocking. Intel has prepared a corresponding microcode patch, but reported Tom’s Hardwarethat the update improves the consequences but does not solve the problem.

Copilot+ PC computers have already started to arrive at customers, and the first impressions are not the best

News Devices 06-14-2024 at 18:19 comment
Reddit user cponica23 has already received his first Copilot+ PC, namely a Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge with a Snapdragon X Elite processor. It took the lucky owner some time to run tests and result turned out to be interesting.

WD reveals world’s largest —2TB 3D QLC flash memory chip

News Devices 06-14-2024 at 15:27 comment
Western Digital (WD) has introduced the industry’s first 2TB 3D QLC NAND device. The new flash memory has the potential to change the market for high-capacity SSDs by creating much faster and larger SSDs that consume less power. This was a preliminary demonstration of the chip, and its official announcement will take place later.

Adreno X1 video card in Snapdragon X Elite — Qualcomm reveals details

News Devices 06-14-2024 at 12:45 comment
A few days before the official launch of Qualcomm Snapdragon X laptops, the company has revealed more details about the Adreno X1 graphics architecture. This is the first generation of integrated graphics for the X series processors for Windows. The number «1» indicates the generation, the successors of which will be called Adreno X2 and so on.…

Razer Kishi V2 review: a device for turning a smartphone into a portable console

Devices Devices 06-14-2024 at 10:00 comment
Mobile gaming is so popular that we have long had not only specialized gaming smartphones such asNubia REDMAGIC 9 Probut also a variety of gadgets and devices. One of these popular solutions is the Razer Kishi V2 gamepad for smartphones. This current model turns phones into portable consoles. But is it worth your attention and […]

Gigabyte introduces Aorus Gen5 14000 SSD for M.2 PCIe 5.0 — up to 14,500 MB/s, 3D-TLC NAND, built-in DDR4 cache

News Devices 06-13-2024 at 21:29 comment
Gigabyte has released one of the fastest SSDs, the Aorus Gen5 14000, with 3D-TLC NAND flash memory. According to the manufacturer, the Aorus Gen5 14000 SSD has a 99% performance boost compared to PCIe 4.0 SSDs.

Startup Flow promises to double CPU performance with its own PPU chip. In the future, the increase can be 100-fold

News Devices 06-13-2024 at 18:27 comment
The Finnish startup Flow Computing promises a kind of revolution in computer computing. It claims that by adding its companion chip, any CPU can instantly double its performance, and with the help of software tweaks and optimizations, efficiency can be increased up to 100 times.

BMW designers have joined the creation of the budget line of Infinix Note 40 5G Racing Edition smartphones

News Devices 06-13-2024 at 17:01 comment
Over the past few years, BMW’s M colored stripes have repeatedly adorned phones from niche device maker Iqoo, such as the 9 Pro and 12 Legend Edition. There was also the South Korean-exclusive Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra M Edition, which also came in a special box.

Xbox update improves work with background images, controllers, and allows you to save more than one Wi-Fi network

News Devices 06-13-2024 at 13:22 comment
Microsoft has released an Xbox update that lets you view game images on any Xbox Home background. This means you’ll continue to see your dynamic or plain background when you’re not scrolling through different games.

Audeze MM-100 headphones review: affordable planar monitors from the legendary brand

Reviews Audio 06-13-2024 at 10:00 comment
Today we review headphones from one of the most famous manufacturers of isodynamic models – Audeze, namely full-size open monitors in MM-series design, with slightly reduced dimensions and noticeably reduced price, relative to popular models of the manufacturer, such as Audeze LCD-2 and Audeze LCD-3. Let’s take a closer look at the new…

Jabra to discontinue headphones and headsets — Elite 10 Gen 2 and Elite Active 8 Gen 2 will be the last models

News Devices 06-13-2024 at 09:26 comment
Just hours after announcing two new pairs of headphones, parent company Jabra GN announced that the Elite 10 Gen 2 and Elite 8 Active Gen 2 mark the end of its consumer headphone business. That’s all it has written for the long-running Elite series after years of producing quality products.

Samsung has created Shortcut smart sneakers that control your smartphone — 9 pairs in total

News Devices 06-12-2024 at 17:49 comment
Samsung has started developing sneakers. But don’t count on a Galaxy-branded line just yet: the company has released a unique limited edition sneaker that controls your Samsung smartphone with your movements. How about that, Tim Cook?

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 will rise in price by $100 – the basic version will cost from $1900

News Devices 06-12-2024 at 17:46 comment
According to knowledgeable sources, Samsung intends to raise the price of its next foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold 6.

HTC U24 Pro is a mid-range smartphone with Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 and a price starting at $585

News Devices 06-12-2024 at 16:25 comment
HTC continues its attempts to catch on to the smartphone market, which it once lost due to its own mistakes. This time, the company has prepared a mid-range smartphone, HTC U24 Pro, although its price is close to the level of flagship devices.

Logitech Zone 300 headset with 20 hours of autonomy and 30 m range goes on sale for UAH 3.4 thousand

News Devices 06-12-2024 at 15:04 comment
Logitech has announced the launch of the new Logitech Zone 300 wireless headset in Ukraine. They are designed to organize the workplace in different conditions.

Musk hints at launching smartphone X (Grok Phone) — alternatives to Apple devices with «spyware» OpenAI software

News Devices 06-12-2024 at 10:15 comment
After statements about banning Apple devices in their companies in the case of «deep integration» ChatGPT, Musk also thought about creating his own alternative to the iPhone.

The NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti video card was sold for $1.63 — but was uncompetitive due to shipping

News Devices 06-11-2024 at 12:25 comment
The NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti video card was sold for $1.63. A visitor to the American online store Newegg shared a photo of the found offer (now the product has been removed). Unfortunately, the refurbished NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti cost $400 to ship, making it uncompetitive with other similar graphics cards on Newegg. The payment for the video card was made in…

Telegram founder’s Galaxy A52 delaminated due to heat in Dubai

News Devices 06-11-2024 at 11:51 comment
Telegram CEO Pavel Durov said that he has been using a Samsung Galaxy A52 smartphone for the past two years.

Google Pixel Watch 3 renders show smaller bezels and increased thickness compared to its predecessor

News Devices 06-11-2024 at 10:57 comment
A new rumor claims that the next model of the Pixel Watch 3 smartwatch could be released alongside the Pixel 9 series and bring significant changes. The Pixel 9 series of smartphones is due in October.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 12 laptop review: why is it so expensive?

Reviews Devices 06-11-2024 at 10:00 comment
The compact flagship Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 12 is almost impossible to perceive without emotions, and not just positive ones. We have tested the carbon handsome man in benchmarks, collected user experience, and are ready to share our impressions, which are very mixed. This laptop will share the opinions of the fans of the […]

Apple announces Vision Pro sales outside the US and introduces VisionOS 2

News Devices 06-10-2024 at 21:16 comment
Apple has announced that the Vision Pro virtual reality headset priced at $3499 will be sold worldwide starting June 28. The first countries outside the US to receive Vision Pro will be China, Japan, and Singapore (pre-orders from June 13). They will be followed by Germany, France, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada, where sales will begin…

When will laptops with NVIDIA RTX 50xx and new Intel and AMD processors be released — leaked plans for two years

News Devices 06-10-2024 at 13:54 comment
The hackers got access to the materials of laptop manufacturer Clevo and learned about the time and details of the release of NVIDIA RTX 50xx mobile graphics cards, new generation Intel and AMD processors, and laptops with them.

Microsoft unveils $450 digital Xbox X and two more console variants — new model is already in development

News Devices 06-10-2024 at 11:01 comment
The long rumored fully digital Xbox Series X is now a reality and will be released this fall. The console will be white, cheaper, and will have a 1TB SSD drive. Microsoft also announced that it will update existing consoles with alternative colors and memory configurations.

Popular Anker power bank and Soundcore speaker recalled due to fire risk

News Devices 06-10-2024 at 08:49 comment
Some Anker and Soundcore devices are being recalled due to a manufacturing defect that could cause fires. For example, Anker announced a recall of its Power Bank 321 battery (PowerCore 5K, A1112). At the same time, its Soundcore audio brand announced a recall of the A3102 Speaker in Black portable speaker.

46 years of the x86 architecture — Intel 8086 processor introduced on June 8, 1978

News Devices 06-09-2024 at 14:13 comment
The impact of the Intel 8086 processor on the computer industry is hard to overestimate. It pioneered the x86 architecture, which is still used in most computers today. Intel 8086, introduced on June 8, 1978, 46 years ago.

From software to hard: the Winamp player plays music and is controlled from the touch screen

News Devices 06-08-2024 at 20:04 comment
Rodmg enthusiast has created a physical implementation of the retro Winamp music player based on Raspberry Pi 4 called Linamp. It can play mp3, m4a, FLAC, and other digital formats from a file system, including SMB networks. There is a playlist management, real-time display of the spectrum analyzer, track information, bitrate and sample rate,…

No USB-A and 10 Type-C: ASRock Taichi Aqua motherboard with unannounced Intel Z890 chipset

News Devices 06-07-2024 at 23:33 comment
ASRock is demonstrating a wide portfolio of Intel Z890 and AMD X870 motherboards at Computex 2024. It is interesting that Intel has forbidden its partners to advertise the new boards as Z890, although they are actually already available. One of the new boards is Taichi Aqua — ASRock has announced the merger of the Aqua line with Taichi.

Lenovo Tab M11 review: a budget tablet with a metal case and a stylus

Reviews Devices 06-07-2024 at 10:00 comment
We continue to talk about affordable tablets that are officially sold on the Ukrainian market. We have already published material about Acer Iconia Tab 10and now it’s time for the latest Lenovo Tab M11. This tablet has a version with and without LTE, can come with a case, but always has a convenient stylus for […]

Apple’s standard warranty no longer covers iPhone and Apple Watch display cracks

News Devices 06-06-2024 at 18:00 comment
This month, Apple made a notable change to its iPhone and Apple Watch repair and standard warranty policies. Apple no longer covers «single cracks» under the standard warranty for iPhone and Apple Watch. Instead, these repairs are now treated as «accidental damage» claims and users are required to pay for them.

New Samsung MicroLED TVs cost up to $150К for a 114-inch model

News Devices 06-06-2024 at 15:56 comment
In 2018, Samsung started selling massive and extremely expensive MicroLED TVs with The Wall modular designand now it offers three such options: 89, 101 and 114 inches.The most affordable offer in the MicroLED TV lineup is the 89-inch model with a price of $109,999. The 101-inch model will cost $129,999. And the largest 114-inch version will cost…

OPPO Enco X3i headphones offer adaptive ANC, customized sound profiles, up to 44 hours of battery life, and a price of UAH 4999

News Devices 06-06-2024 at 14:40 comment
OOPPO AED Ukraine has presented the third generation of wireless headphones — OPPO Enco X3i in Ukraine. They feature active noise cancellation and are positioned as a Hi-Res Audio wireless device.

Full immersion: Cooler Master reveals 57″ VA Mini-LED curved gaming monitor

News Devices 06-06-2024 at 13:40 comment
For the Cooler Master GP57ZS monitor shown at Computex 2024, you’ll need a really big desktop. The curved widescreen monitor has a diagonal of 57 inches.

Asus has made Thor’s hammer Mjolnir — it’s not a weapon, but a UPS with a charging station function

News Devices 06-05-2024 at 19:39 comment
Marvel made Thor’s hammer very popular, and Asus showed a working model at Computex 2024. It’s not a good idea to attack someone with Mjolnir, but it also has electricity — it’s an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

Google no longer plans to retain Pixel devices that have been received for repair with «unauthorized parts»

News Devices 06-05-2024 at 10:55 comment
Google’s Pixel device repair policy was criticized when it was noticed that the company would not return the device to the owner if it used «unauthorized parts». The company is now removing this restriction from its policy.

Acer Aspire Go 15 AG15-31P laptop review: office champion for $450

Reviews Devices 06-05-2024 at 10:00 comment
It’s the feature-to-price ratio that makes the Acer Aspire Go 15 AG15-31P such an interesting device, because it doesn’t really offer anything interesting. It’s a boring office machine for basic tasks that has every chance of becoming a bestseller. It’s also almost perfect as a first laptop for a school or college student on…

Motorola Edge (2024) received a 144 Hz pOLED display, Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 SoC, an updated camera, and a price of $550

News Devices 06-05-2024 at 09:39 comment
Motorola has released an updated version of its Edge smartphone. The 2024 version differs from its predecessor, released in October 2023, with an improved processor and an updated main camera.

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang signs PNY RTX 4070 SUPER graphics card at Computex 2024 — it’s green and SFF-Ready

News Devices 06-04-2024 at 18:26 comment
While visiting the PNY booth at Computex 2024, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang noticed an unusual-looking graphics card. He was attracted by the relatively thin, eco-friendly RTX 4070 SUPER turbine model. Typically, these graphics cards are not so colorful — they are more likely to be black or gray, because they are not intended for public display.

Laptops, portable gaming consoles, robots and other MSI innovations at COMPUTEX 2024

News Devices 06-04-2024 at 15:51 comment
At COMPUTEX 2024, MSI presented several new devices, including those based on artificial intelligence.

Acer in 2024: «Macbook killers» Swift 14 AI, TravelMate P4 laptops-transformers, and new Chromebooks with Google AI

Articles Devices 06-04-2024 at 14:00 comment
This week and last week, the Taiwanese brand Acer presented updated laptops from the popular TravelMate series, new Chromebooks, and, without exaggeration, revolutionary Windows devices with Snapdragon processors based on ARM architecture. Here is a brief overview of the new products. Windows laptops on ARM: long-awaited Macbook killers or…

In five years, 50% of PCs will have ARM processors — say CEOs of ARM and Qualcomm

News Devices 06-04-2024 at 13:13 comment
ARM Holdings CEO Rene Haas expects more than 50% of Windows PCs to use ARM-based processors instead of x86 chips by 2029, according to Reuters. Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon shares the same assessment.

Intel introduces Lunar Lake — architecture with +18% performance, +50x faster Xe2 graphics and no Hyperthreading in P-core

News Devices 06-04-2024 at 11:13 comment
Intel has revealed details of the Lunar Lake processor architecture during the Intel Tech Tour 2024 presentation ahead of the company’s Computex 2024 keynote. The new processors will feature significant improvements in every aspect of the design. Lunar Lake processors are primarily designed for laptops, although many of the fundamental…

PC of the month (June 2024)

Articles Devices 06-04-2024 at 10:00 comment
Nvidia RTX 5000 graphics cards are coming soon, and «old» components are getting cheaper in anticipation of the new series, so it’s time to build a bargain PC of the month. In this issue, we have collected five successful configurations for different tastes and budgets, taking into account current discounts in stores. Budget PC of…

Apple falsely advertised the new iPad Air with the M2 chip, claiming 10 GPU cores. Now it says it has 9.

News Devices 06-04-2024 at 09:50 comment
Recently Apple announces new iPad Air tablet with M2 chip. On the company’s website, the specifications section stated that this model has a chip with 8 CPU cores and 10 GPU cores. However, 9to5mac has now discovered that the company has reduced the number of GPU cores from 10 to 9.

Snapdragon computers were advertised by an actor who starred in an Apple Mac commercial and then — PCs for Intel

News Devices 06-04-2024 at 00:04 comment
In the mid-2000s, Apple launched a long series of popular commercials in which actor John Hodgman played «PC» and Justin Long — «Mac». The videos claimed that Windows-based PCs were bad and Apple Macs — were good. However in 2021, Long appeared in a series of Intel videosto demonstrate the superiority of the company’s laptops over…

Qualcomm: Snapdragon is productive and efficient, coming to «PCs of all form factors», including desktops

News Devices 06-03-2024 at 17:10 comment
Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon spoke at Computex Taipei and detailed the company’s achievements in artificial intelligence with Snapdragon X Elite and CoPilot+. Another important announcement was that Qualcomm chips will appear on desktop computers.

NVIDIA at Computex 2024: SFF-Ready compact PCs, G-Assist AI game assistant, automatic overclocking without losing warranty

News Devices 06-03-2024 at 16:29 comment
NVIDIA did not present any new graphics cards at Computex 2024, but it showed a lot of technologies that can help gamers. The company unveiled a new standard for compact PCs supported by manufacturers, created an AI assistant for complex games, enabled automatic video card overclocking in its program, and allowed the use of the AV1 codec at 120…

Fraudsters exchanged 16,000 fake iPhones and iPads for genuine ones in the Apple Store — losses exceeded $12.3 million

News Devices 06-03-2024 at 16:01 comment
Apple was the victim of a fraud with its mobile devices that lasted almost a decade. The scheme caused the Cupertino-based company losses of more than $12.3 million.

ASUS showed laptops based on AMD Ryzen AI 300 CPU and NVIDIA RTX GPU. And a few more models with Intel Core Ultra 200V and Qualcomm chips

News Devices 06-03-2024 at 13:57 comment
ASUS has brought several new laptops to Computex 2024. Some of them were presented ahead of schedule by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang. He focused on models equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards and hybrid AMD Strix Point APU processors, which had not yet been officially announced. In addition, ASUS has prepared several new models with Intel…

AMD processors at Computex 2024: Ryzen 9000, Ryzen AI 300, new Ryzen 5000XT for AM4 and X870 boards

News Devices 06-03-2024 at 13:25 comment
At Computex 2024, AMD presented two Zen 5 processor families: the desktop Ryzen 9000 Zen 5 Granite Ridge along with X870 and X870E boards for them and other AM5 chips, the laptop Ryzen AI 300 and two new Ryzen 5000XT for AM4. The company also showed processors for servers and artificial intelligence, as well as a new professional graphics card.

NVIDIA unveils Vera Rubin — next-generation GPU architecture

News Devices 06-03-2024 at 09:36 comment
At Computex 2024, NVIDIA announced its new Vera Rubin GPU architecture. What started out as a talk on artificial intelligence changed when NVIDIA talked about updating its data center chip architecture.

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