Renault presents the first electric car in the Alpine lineup – A290 with a price of €38 thousand will have an autonomy of up to 380 km

News Auto 06-14-2024 at 16:59 comment
Renault strengthens its Alpine sports car brand with its first all-electric model, the A290.

XPeng showed images of the Mona M03 electric car with a range of 500 km and a price of €25.7 thousand

News Auto 06-14-2024 at 12:13 comment
Chinese electric car manufacturer XPeng has unveiled the first official images and name of its long-awaited new model, the XPeng Mona M03. This compact electric sedan is the first model in the new XPeng Mona (Made Of New AI) series, created in collaboration with the ride-hailing giant Didi Global. It will be a fairly affordable electric car with a…, the first Ukrainian P2P car sharing platform, has launched in beta

News Auto 06-13-2024 at 16:27 comment positions itself as a marketplace for car rental and delivery, offering services in the P2P (person-to-person) format.

EU imposes a 38% duty on Chinese electric cars — with special provisions for Tesla

News Auto 06-12-2024 at 16:55 comment
Starting next month, Chinese electric cars imported to the EU will receive an increased tariff of up to 38.1%, in addition to the current 10%.

Kia says hybrids not a threat to electric cars, but «the ideal path» to electrification

News Auto 06-12-2024 at 13:14 comment
In recent years, global automakers and their suppliers have invested hundreds of billions in the development of new electric vehicles and infrastructure for them — despite this, demand for electric cars has slowed somewhat, while interest in hybrids has increased dramatically.

Hyundai has shown a new affordable class A electric car INSTER with a range of up to 355 km

News Auto 06-12-2024 at 10:59 comment
Later this month, Hyundai plans to unveil its new low-cost electric car, the INSTER. And on the eve of the debut, the company has published images of this novelty.

Optimus Prime was arrested for illegal driving — franchise «Transformers» nothing is in danger

News Auto 06-11-2024 at 16:33 comment
Optimus Prime has been arrested in Austin, Texas. But the Autobots can be calm about the fate of their leader, and fans — don’t worry about the Transformers «franchise». Ironically, 37-year-old Optimus Prime Blakely is accused of unauthorized use of a car.

Tesla suddenly swerved into the oncoming lane while the driver was praising autonomous driving in a video

News Auto 06-11-2024 at 14:16 comment
A video was posted on Reddit (now deleted) with an overly confident driver trying to demonstrate the Full Self-Driving (FSD) capabilities of his Tesla car. But a few seconds after expressing his admiration for the car’s capabilities, he has to intervene when the car turns directly into the oncoming lane.

TOP 10 family cars on the secondary market of Ukraine

Articles Auto 06-10-2024 at 10:00 comment
The market offers many cars, among which you can easily get confused and lose your bearings. The main thing here is to decide what function the car will perform for you. If the task is to find a spacious and reliable car that can accommodate a family with three or more children, this selection will […]

«Just accept the competition». BYD founder calls on the US and EU «not to be afraid of Chinese electric cars

News Auto 06-07-2024 at 13:30 comment
BYD Chairman Wang Chuanfu sharply criticized the attempts of Europe and the United States restrict imports of Chinese-made cars.

Since the beginning of the year, 160 thousand cars have been imported to Ukraine: more than 70% are used, and 13% are electric cars

News Auto 06-06-2024 at 11:33 comment
In the first 5 months of 2024, 160 thousand vehicles were imported to Ukraine, 21% more than last year.

Toyota, Mazda, Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki falsified car certification tests

News Auto 06-05-2024 at 15:42 comment
Several Japanese automakers have been found to have falsified certification tests, and Toyota may be the biggest offender.

Changan CS35 Plus test drive: it could be better

Auto Auto 06-03-2024 at 10:00 comment
Modesty is a beautiful thing when there’s nothing else to decorate — that’s what we can say about our test drive hero. This compact crossover turned out to be more adequate and cheerful in behavior than its big brother, but unfortunately lacking in charm. I know that you don’t like stories about Chinese cars, but […]

Geneva Motor Show closes after 119 years of history — due to lack of interest from manufacturers

News Auto 06-01-2024 at 19:42 comment
The organizers have announced that the international Geneva Motor Show with more than a century of history is closing forever. The reason given was a decline in interest from automakers in the event, which was once unmissable. However, the exhibition in Qatar will take place in 2025.

100,000+ cars were re-registered through the app «Diia» Volkswagen, Renault, and VAZ were bought/sold most often

News Auto 05-30-2024 at 12:38 comment
Ukrainians 100,000+ times re-registered car in the application «Diia» and received the corresponding «valid» license plate

Toyota is developing smaller and more environmentally friendly 1.5 and 2 liter internal combustion engines that will also be used by Subaru and Mazda

News Auto 05-29-2024 at 16:44 comment
While some automakers are increasingly focusing on electric versions, Toyota continues to develop new versatile internal combustion engines (ICEs). These engines are focused on meeting stricter emissions standards and can be used in a variety of vehicles, from hybrids to biofuels.

BYD unveils hybrid powertrain that provides a range of over 2000 km

News Auto 05-28-2024 at 19:57 comment
BYD has unveiled a new hybrid powertrain that can allow a car to travel more than 2,000 kilometers without recharging or refueling. This will apply to BYD’s two-mode electric hybrid cars, which have a full tank of fuel and a fully charged battery.

TOP 10 most affordable electric cars in Ukraine: Opel, Toyota, Honda and others

Auto Articles 05-27-2024 at 10:00 comment
Electric cars are becoming more and more common on Ukrainian roads, and the number of owners has already reached 100 thousand. The market is full of offers, so we have compiled a list of the most affordable and interesting representatives, which, in our opinion, are worthy of attention. I am constantly asked what kind of […]

Citroen e-C4 test drive: a balanced approach to electrification

Auto Auto 05-20-2024 at 10:00 comment
Amid the constant replenishment of the market with new products from the Chinese automotive industry, an electric car from a familiar brand has become a healing breath of fresh air. From the very first minute, you can feel the style, quality and attention to detail. But the main thing is that we get not just […]

The US plans to impose a 100% duty on electric vehicles imported from China

News Auto 05-14-2024 at 10:06 comment
On May 14, President Joe Biden is expected to impose 100% taxes on imported Chinese industrial products, including electric cars, in response to numerous calls from local automakers and trade unions.

For autopilot and people: scientists propose a fourth traffic light signal

News Auto 05-13-2024 at 23:44 comment
The researchers propose adding a fourth light to the traffic light — for self-driving cars. The new signal, possibly white, would signal when there are enough autonomous vehicles on the road to adjust traffic.

Ford Ranger Tremor test drive: a ticket to business class

Auto Auto 05-13-2024 at 10:00 comment
The American pickup truck has long held on to its usual simplicity, but now it has also taken the path of civility, offering the handling and comfort of a family car. It’s all the more pleasant that, despite the desire to dress up, it still retains a strong safety margin, an impenetrable spring suspension, a […]

Geely has shown the Galaxy E5 electric crossover with a potential range of 2000 km

News Auto 05-08-2024 at 18:53 comment
The Geely Galaxy brand has released official images of its upcoming all-electric crossover E5, the first the new Galaxy line.

Indians who paid $1,000 for a Tesla pre-order in 2016 never received a car — but it’s not so easy to get the money back

News Auto 05-07-2024 at 14:54 comment
In April 2016, Tesla opened a pre-booking site for India, but it still does not sell electric cars in the country, which is the third largest car market in the world.

MG HS test drive: conservatism in every detail

Auto Auto 05-06-2024 at 10:00 comment
Updates always make us hope for the best, even when it seems like there is no way out. In our case, the new MG HS crossover has received only minor changes that will remind us of itself. It is still a big question whether this will give it an advantage among competitors. Positioning of the […]

Tesla Cybertruck’s hood can still squeeze fingers after a software update that should have prevented it — explanation by a company engineer

News Auto 05-05-2024 at 23:29 comment
After several reports that the Cybertruck’s hood closing force may need to be adjusted to better detect obstructing objects, Tesla released a software update to address the issue. But feedback from owners suggests that the feature seems to be not working properly again. Are they right?

Tesla Model 3 in the leaders. In 2024, Ukrainians purchased almost 14,000 used cars under 5 years of age from abroad — 40% electric cars

News Auto 04-29-2024 at 10:56 comment
According to associations «Ukravtoprom»In the first quarter of 2024, Ukrainians purchased almost 14,000 used cars imported from abroad up to 5 years old.

Test drive Changan CS55 Plus: a game of compromises

Auto Auto 04-29-2024 at 10:00 comment
Ukrainian car market demonstrates an irrepressible thirst for life. And a willingness to adapt to anything. In January, it was officially replenished with another brand from China. And not just another newcomer, but a giant from the Chinese TOP 5. Moreover, Changan has something that the vast majority of manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom lack…

Tesla Autopilot and Full Self-Driving involved in hundreds of accidents and dozens of fatalities – NHTSA

News Auto 04-26-2024 at 19:48 comment
The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigated 956 accidents involving Tesla electric vehicles with Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD) functions. Moreover, the investigation concerned only incidents that occurred between January 2018 and August 2023. In general, there were more accidents.

Drifting — sadistic tendencies? Researchers say that love for «loud» cars often indicates mental disorders

News Auto 04-26-2024 at 11:39 comment
Psychologist Julie Aitken Shermer of the University of Western Ontario in Canada interviewed and analyzed the responses of more than 500 people to investigate the relationship between «dark» personality traits and a love of loud cars with modified mufflers.

Tesla’s profits fell by 55% in the first months of 2024 — Musk says hybrids are to blame

News Auto 04-24-2024 at 14:23 comment
Tesla’s long-term price-cutting strategy and several «unforeseen problems» reduced its profits — in the first quarter, the company earned $1.13 billion (55% less than last year).

Tesla Cybertruck owners modify accelerator with a drill for more than $83,000

News Auto 04-23-2024 at 11:00 comment
This weekend, during the Cybertakeover event in California, USA, organized by the Santa Clarita Valley Tesla Owners Club, a Cybertruck owner showed how to fix the problem that caused Tesla to recall 3,878 vehicles. In a matter of seconds, he makes a hole with a drill and secures the pedal with a rivet. The operation seems simple, but should car…

BMW and LEXUS are among the leaders. Sales of premium cars in Ukraine increased — more than 2.8 thousand in the first quarter of 2024

News Auto 04-22-2024 at 11:55 comment
In the first 3 months of 2024, Ukrainians purchased more than 2.8 thousand premium cars, which is 2% more than in the same period last year.

Volvo C40 Recharge test drive: Scandinavian maximalism

Auto Auto 04-22-2024 at 10:00 comment
To understand the value of Volvo cars, you need to grow up to them mentally. Some people reach this point at the age of 30, while others do not reach it until they are 50. You don’t buy Volvo on emotion, you don’t buy it because you can, you choose it with a calm mind […]

Corporate cars worth more than $58 thousand in South Korea must have special license plates – this has collapsed the luxury car market

News Auto 04-19-2024 at 20:20 comment
Sales of luxury cars in South Korea have dropped significantly after the government introduced new labeling rules for such cars. It is now required that all company cars worth more than $58 thousand have a neon green license plate. This is the government’s attempt to stop tax evasion.

The new Toyota Camry is available exclusively as a hybrid — the ICE-only version is no longer available. The grille? In place!

News Auto 04-18-2024 at 17:02 comment
The price of the newest Toyota Camry 2025 sedan in the United States starts at $29.5 thousand.

Again? Again! Seven Waymo robocars blocked traffic on one of San Francisco’s highways

News Auto 04-18-2024 at 15:11 comment
Fully self-driving cars continue to fight traffic cones — a new curiosity occurred with a motorcade of seven Waymo drones that temporarily blocked traffic on the San Francisco highway exit.

🚙🔋Volkswagen follows Tesla — Chinese electric architecture CEA will reduce the cost of future electric vehicles by another 40%

News Auto 04-17-2024 at 17:18 comment
Volkswagen together with Chinese Xpeng developed a new architecture for CEA electric vehicles that will further reduce the cost of future all-electric battery-powered models.

Tesla delays Cybertruck shipments without explanation, while owners complain about accelerator

News Auto 04-15-2024 at 21:30 comment
Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck, whose problems have been discussed beforeand received another one. Over the weekend, dozens of customers who were waiting for a car were informed that the Cybertruck delivery was canceled due to «an unexpected delay in the preparation of your vehicle».

Tesla will lay off about 14 thousand employees — 10% of the total staff

News Auto 04-15-2024 at 16:09 comment
At the beginning of the month, Tesla for the first time in four years reported about falling sales of electric vehicles, and now the market leader is preparing to lay off at least 14,000 employees, —10% of the total staff (140,473) by early 2024. About this write Electrek and Reuters, who received a copy of an internal letter of instruction sent…

Test drive of the MG ZS EV: quick work on errors

Auto Auto 04-15-2024 at 10:00 comment
Getting to know a restyled model is always interesting because there is a clear interaction between the brand and users. And MG has done a good job with this. The fresh MG ZS EV turned out to be much more successful than its predecessor. I first got to know the Anglo-Chinese electric car back in […]

During the first quarter, Ukrainians bought 75% more cars from China, most of them — Volkswagen ID.4

News Auto 04-15-2024 at 09:05 comment
Chinese-made electric vehicles continue to reshape the landscape of the Ukrainian automotive and electric market — you can see for yourself by looking at the latest statistics of Ukravtoprom regarding the most popular models in the first quarter of 2014.

Suddenly, BMW’s electric car sales have risen sharply amid a decline in Tesla and Volkswagen

News Auto 04-10-2024 at 16:56 comment
BMW AG sharply increased sales of all-electric cars last quarter, a rather unexpected success for a German brand that has a peculiar reputation in Ukraine, especially in sharp contrast to the less optimistic results of Tesla and Volkswagen.

The first test drive of the SAIC Maxus MIFA 9: a premium electric car for the price of a hybrid RAV4

Auto Auto 04-08-2024 at 10:00 comment
The first Ukrainian test of «maxus» was accompanied by many questions, sometimes completely unexpected. I took it for a test literally the same week that the veins were installed, so it puzzled even the security guards at the car dealership. Not to mention police officers and neighbors at the charging station. Where does a Chinese […]

Tesla has reported a drop in electric vehicle sales for the first time in history. BYD’s sales fell by almost 1.5 times

News Auto 04-02-2024 at 17:52 comment
And once again, we return to our favorite section Tesla vs BYD electric cars, and discuss the new report on Tesla’s car sales, which in the next round won a confident victory over BYD after the first knockdown in the last quarter of 2023. But there’s a caveat: for the first time in the history of Elon Musk’s company, sales have…

Inguar3 – an armored car from KPI students with STANAG 3 protection, EW, «smart» control and a price of UAH 16 million

News Auto 04-02-2024 at 12:02 comment
Formula Student, an engineering competition for students, has been held in Europe for more than two decades. This is a kind of student analog of «Formula 1». The Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (KPI) had its own Formula Student team, which created cars and represented Ukraine in these competitions for several seasons. However, with the beginning of…

Xiaomi warns of delays in the delivery of its SU7 electric car amid high demand – almost 89 thousand orders in the first day

News Auto 04-01-2024 at 19:37 comment
The other day Xiaomi has started selling its first electric car SU7 at a price of just over $30 thousand. The Chinese company planned to start delivering the electric car by the end of April. However, interested buyers will have to wait much longer – up to 7 months. This is due to the huge demand for the new product.

MG One test drive: one man in the field

Reviews Auto 04-01-2024 at 10:00 comment
The new model from the MG brand is reminiscent of the familiar hero of Dumas’s novel D’Artagnan, who boldly broke into the tumultuous life of the Musketeers with an ambitious desire to become one of them. MG’s new mid-size crossover has recently appeared on the market and is trying to challenge the Toyota RAV4 or […]

Hyundai invests $50 billion to secure a place in the TOP 3 electric car manufacturers

News Auto 03-28-2024 at 18:41 comment
Hyundai has announced a significant investment of $50 billion to maintain its position as the automotive market transitions to electric vehicles. The automaker will hire 80,000 employees in Korea to become one of the top 3 electric car manufacturers by 2030.

Xiaomi SU7 electric car went on sale at $30.4 thousand, almost $4 thousand cheaper than Tesla Model 3

News Auto 03-28-2024 at 17:02 comment
Xiaomi has started selling its first electric car, the SU7, and announced that it would sell it much cheaper than Tesla’s Model 3. The actual price of the novelty was even slightly lower, than previously expected.

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