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ITC.ua is a prominent Ukrainian information resource specializing in IT for both users and enthusiasts.

Our focus spans across various domains, encompassing computer and digital technologies tailored for business and personal applications. This includes an array of devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, computer components, and peripherals. Additionally, we delve into software, services, technologies, as well as diverse topics like movies, games, automobiles, and transportation.

At ITC.ua, our dedicated team comprises seasoned IT journalists and editors who are passionate about their work. We consistently provide our audience with current international and Ukrainian news, comprehensive reviews of devices and software, informative video reviews of cutting-edge hardware innovations, and engaging editorials and expert blogs.

ITC.ua Editorial Team


Timur Vorona / [email protected] /

Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Head of News Department:

Volodymyr Skrypin / [email protected] /

Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Head of Reviews Department:

Pavlo Chuykin / [email protected] /

News Editors:

Vadim Karpus / [email protected] /

Kateryna Danshyna / [email protected] /

Yuriy Oros / [email protected] /

Andriy Rusanov / [email protected] /

Tech Reviewers:

Pavlo Chuykin / [email protected] /

Dmytro Spasyuk / [email protected] /

Automotive Reviewer:

Roman Melnychenko / [email protected] /

Movie Reviewers:

Denys Fedoruk / [email protected] /

Mykita Kazymirov / [email protected] /

Gaming Reviewer:

Artem Lysaychuk / [email protected] /

For advertising inquiries:

Uliana Medukha / [email protected] /


Timur Vorona and Vira Chernysh


Sergiy Arabadzhi

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