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ElevenLabs has launched a free iPhone app that speaks text on the screen — 11 voices and PDF capabilities available

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Kateryna Danshyna

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The unicorn startup ElevenLabs, best known for its AI dubbing site, has launched its first public app.

ElevenLabs Reader: AI Audio can recognize and voice text from web pages, PDFs, and other documents using 11 different voices. The app is currently available accessible for free download in the App Store.

ElevenLabs, founded in 2022 by former Google machine learning engineer Piotr Dabkowski and former Palantir Technologies deployment strategist Mati Staniszewski, offers voice cloning services that allow users to generate audio using neural networks based on uploaded samples lasting several minutes. One of the service’s features also allows you to translate voice to audio in more than 20 different languagesincluding Ukrainian, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Polish and Arabic.

In January, ElevenLabs raised $80 million in a funding round that valued it at $1.1 billion. The New York-based company said it will use the money to expand its reach. Most of ElevenLabs’ agreements so far have focused on audio content, such as a deal with HarperCollins to create audio versions of books in different languages. The startup also plans to sell its dubbing technology to YouTube creators, movie studios, and news publishers.

Although the launch of ElevenLabs was not entirely positive, the technology in the public domain was immediately used by Internet trolls whospreading fake voices of celebrities on social media, saying offensive thingsdeclared war or quoted Hitler.

Source: Bloomberg

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