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Germany bans the sale of Motorola smartphones and some Lenovo devices

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Germany bans the sale of Motorola smartphones and some Lenovo devices

A German district court has decided to completely ban the sale of Lenovo devices and its subsidiary Motorola in the country. Motorola is now prohibited from selling all its phones that have a WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) module designed to provide mobile Internet access via cellular networks. This means that virtually all Moto phones, including with the latest Edge 50 linewill not be available in Germany.

Motorola’s German website has already removed any trace of the smartphones and is currently selling only a few accessories. Meanwhile, Lenovo’s German website states that some mobile-enabled laptop configurations will only be available while supplies last.

The ban on the sale of Lenovo and Motorola devices in Germany came after Lenovo was found guilty of infringing patents developed by the American technology company InterDigital. In early May, InterDigital obtained a court injunction against Lenovo in Germany, and on May 8, a Munich court temporarily enforced a ban on the sale of the latter’s devices. Lenovo reportedly intends to appeal the court’s decision, arguing that InterDigital’s terms are unfair despite the ruling.

Earlier, Germany banned the sale of OPPO and OnePlus devices in the country after a patent dispute with Nokia. The companies later resumed operations in the country after signing an international patent licensing agreement with Nokia.

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