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Russians probably stole Ukrainian-created SBU soldiers’ assets for PMC game «Wagner»

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The Russian studio NoName Company probably stole models of SBU fighters created by a Ukrainian developer to develop the tactical shooter Best in Hell about PMCs «Wagner».

About this said DOU.

The author of the assets is Bogdan Zhukov, a 3D Character Artist at Frag Lab. The artist created models of soldiers, which he showed on his page onArtStation. Earlier, these assets were used by Alireza Fattahi, Cinematic Animation Director, to createrealistic videowith a scene of combat operations.

Bohdan noticed in the trailer that NoName Company used his work.

«If you sit down, you can make a proof for every assert that is in the game that their work is not there. The only thing they managed to do was replace the chevrons on the soldiers. That’s it!” the author said.

Russians probably stole Ukrainian-created SBU soldiers' assets for PMC game «Wagner»

It is noteworthy that the Russians chose the model of the SBU soldier in the cartoons, removing only the Ukrainian symbols.

How exactly the assets got to NoName Company is an open question. They could have purchased them on CG Trader, where the author posted them. However, there is a high probability that the Russians simply stole the models, because the work had already been leaked to one of the pirate resources.

Russians probably stole Ukrainian-created SBU soldiers' assets for PMC game «Wagner»

Bohdan tried to contact NoName Company with a request not to use his assets. He received this as a reply:

Russians probably stole Ukrainian-created SBU soldiers' assets for PMC game «Wagner»

According to Bohdan, he will try to revoke the license if he receives the necessary information about the purchase. Without it, Best in Hell will never get on Steam. However, the Russians plan to publish only through their VK Play, where they hardly care about copyright.

«If I found out from which mail they bought the assets, if they bought them at all, I would ask Epic support to revoke the license, but it’s useless, because even if Epic support is willing to help, the Russians don’t care. The files will remain, and no one there has heard of copyright. As the developers write, they will release the game on their VK Play, and there is no DMCA there,» Bogdan added.

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