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Developers want to create «Diia. Channels» — an alternative to Telegram and other messengers

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CSO developers «Analytical Center for Information Resources» plan to create an alternative to Telegram and other messengers — «Diia. Channels».

They spoke about this during the presentation, reports Media Sapiens.

«Our team of researchers has an idea to create a project based on one of the most popular apps in the country and proving to be a truly high-quality service, — this is Diia, which is based on code written by Ukrainian developers».

And for this, in order not to overload the existing capabilities of «Diia», the developers propose to create a separate service «Diia. Channels» service with authorization through the parent. This is how the driver’s e-cabinet service works, and soon the e-cabinet for persons liable for military service will be launched.

Developers want to create «Diia. Channels» — an alternative to Telegram and other messengers

The benefits of developing a Ukrainian communication service, in their opinion, are obvious.

«This will allow users to receive timely and quick information from official government representatives, such as the Office of the President, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, high-quality Ukrainian media and civil society organizations, — said Oleshko. — At the same time, representatives of the government, media and the public sector will receive a reliable communication channel».

He added that in order to protect against violations of freedom of speech and human rights in general, it is necessary to ensure constant high-quality moderation in the service.

The authors of the development point out that Telegram is not safe for data transmission — a study showed that after deletion, information in a telegram is stored for several hours.

«We don’t know where it goes. Perhaps it is really deleted so as not to overload the servers. However, the very fact of such a “delay” makes us believe that Telegram is unsafe for data transmission», — the developers said.

On March 25, the Verkhovna Rada registered Draft Law No. 11115 «On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine on Regulation of the Activity of Platforms for Shared Access to Information through which Mass Information» is Disseminated. The document, in particular, proposes to regulate the operation of the messenger «Telegram» in Ukraine.

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