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Copilot in Microsoft 365 will soon «speak» in Ukrainian

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In a recent interview, Leonid Polupan, Director of «Microsoft Ukraine», spoke about some of the company’s features and new products. For example, he said that they are currently working on the Ukrainian localization of Copilot.

«We are testing Copilot for M365 (Microsoft 365 – ed.) with Ukrainian localization»,” said Leonid Polupan.

He adds that he tests almost all new Microsoft products himself. Currently, the most active area of development is Copilot AI services. During the interview, the conversation was recorded for the purpose of testing Copilot.

«Microsoft Copilot is a line of assistants for different purposes and different specialists. For the basic function – transcription – we are currently testing the Ukrainian language. The tool shows good results in simultaneous translation. For example, a colleague gave a presentation in Ukrainian, Copilot translated the speech into English and answered questions on the topic of the presentation,» explained the director of «Microsoft Ukraine.

Leonid Polupan said that the Ukrainian localization of Copilot «will be released soon, but did not specify even the approximate timeframe. The Ukrainian language is only now emerging and starting to work well in AI tools due to the peculiarities of large language models. They learn depending on the database content. Therefore, the fastest learning is for those languages that are the most widespread and used more.

It is also noted that the Ukrainian team participates in the development of Microsoft’s AI products, including testing of GPT4-based Copilot tools and simultaneous translation.

The services available for Ukraine are currently being improved. The most active area of development is Copilot services. Such AI assistants are already available for Word, Excel, Power BI, and Teams.

In addition, Leonid Polupan told about the most popular Microsoft solutions in Ukraine. According to him, until 2022, most projects on the Ukrainian market were aimed at digital transformation. Now the number of projects has increased significantly, and the focus has shifted to products such as Modern Workplace (a set of tools that includes Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Power BI, SharePoint, Azure, etc.), cybersecurity, and cloud storage. At the same time, the data of Ukrainian companies is hosted in data centers in Europe, which reduces the risk of physical destruction. There are requests for both the basic cloud service and the use of the cloud for training large language models.

In addition, Microsoft and the Ministry of Digital Transformation are working on a digital twin project to help rebuild Ukraine.

«A digital copy of a real object, such as a building or an entire city, helps to model different situations to understand how to make it the most efficient and secure. It can also be used in the concept of building cities in general to increase the efficiency of the city’s work, traffic, and consumption,» says Leonid Polupan.

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