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Meta presents Meta Horizon OS and announces new VR headsets from Xbox, Asus, and Lenovo

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Meta presents Meta Horizon OS and announces new VR headsets from Xbox, Asus, and Lenovo

Meta represents Meta Horizon OS operating system and is joining forces with Microsoft to create a limited edition Meta Quest virtual reality headset «inspired by Xbox». The companies did not disclose any details about this headset, but it seems that it will be the current Meta Quest model or some future headset that will be bundled with an Xbox controller.

«Last year, Xbox and Meta teamed up to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming (beta) to Meta Quest, allowing people to play Xbox games on a large 2D virtual screen in mixed reality. Now we’re working together again to create a limited edition Meta Quest inspired by Xbox»,” Meta said in a statement.

The partnership with Microsoft is mentioned as if it were just a limited version of an existing headset for Microsoft. There is also talk of cooperation with Lenovo and Asus.

«The world’s leading technology companies are already working on new devices based on Meta Horizon OS. ASUS Republic of Gamers will leverage its experience as a leader in gaming solutions to develop an all-new performance gaming headset. To develop mixed reality devices for productivity, learning, and entertainment, Lenovo will leverage its co-design experience with the Oculus Rift S, as well as its deep expertise in developing leading devices such as the ThinkPad» series of laptops.

In a post on Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg says that the announced version of the «headset will come with Xbox and Game Pass controllers in the box, so you can start playing on the big screen right away, wherever you are».


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The company says Meta Horizon OS tracking of eyes, face, hands and body, «a complete set of technologies to bridge the digital and physical worlds». The operating system, «which began as part of the Android Open Source Project», will enable developers to use Meta’s technologies, including «content discovery and monetization platforms built into the OS».


The now more open Meta Quest Store will be renamed the Meta Horizon Store. Devices running Meta Horizon OS will use the same companion mobile app that Meta Quest owners use today — it will be renamed Meta Horizon.

«Together with a more open app store, Meta Horizon OS will continue to give people more ways to access apps. Because we don’t limit users to apps from our own store, there are multiple ways to access great content on Meta Horizon OS, including popular gaming services like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, or through Steam Link or our Air Link system for wireless streaming. And we encourage the Google Play 2D store to migrate to Meta Horizon OS, where it can operate under the same economic model as our other platforms,» the statement said.


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