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After graduating from Odesa Polytechnic National University (bachelor's degree in Nuclear Power Plants and Installations in 1999) and Sevastopol National University of Nuclear Energy and Industry in 2006 (specialist degree in Nuclear Power Engineering), Andrii worked as an engineer for more than 10 years (2001-2013) and then changed his life dramatically. Since childhood, Andrii has been fond of computers, games, and the Internet — since 2013, he has worked as a content manager for online stores, a copywriter, and a writer of news and articles in various projects.

In August 2022, Andrii joined the team as a news writer, and since July 2023, he has continued to write news and articles as a freelance writer. He also creates text content for,

In addition to computers and other smart devices, he is interested in music and consumer audio equipment, TVs and set-top boxes, science fiction, history, politics, philosophy, scientific areas and achievements, movies, and cats.

The 1969 computer game Lunar Lander with text output received a patch from a retired programmer

News Games 06-17-2024 at 13:44 comment
Retired programmer Martin C. Martin discovered a bug in the original physics code of the 1969 computer game Lunar Lander. Created by then 17-year-old high school student Jim Storer, this «prototype» game only displayed textual status updates on a teletype. In fact, the game is a space simulator.

Windows 11 «eats up» CPU power again — Microsoft knows, but hasn’t done anything yet

News Software 06-17-2024 at 11:29 comment
The June builds of Windows 11 Insider suffer from increased CPU usage, and there is no solution to this problem yet. Insider program members suspect Microsoft Cross Device Service, a program that interacts between smartphones and PCs, of being responsible. Microsoft is aware of the problem, but hasn’t fixed it in over a week.

Stalker 5.0 presented in Odesa — it’s not a game, it’s a new marine drone

News Military Tech 06-17-2024 at 09:55 comment
The Stalker 5.0 unmanned boat was presented at the Black Sea Security Forum 2024 in Odesa, Ukraine. The marine drone was demonstrated in the event’s assembly hall.

Collins Aerospace HMDS Gen 3 helmet for $400,000 makes F-35 fighter «transparent» for pilot

News Military Tech 06-17-2024 at 00:19 comment
For the effective use of the F-35 fighter, Collins Aerospace has developed a $400,000 HMDS Gen 3 pilot helmet. The high-tech device literally makes the aircraft invisible to the pilot — it provides a 360° view.

Pixel Camera 9.4 — manual lens selection on Pixel 6 Pro and 7 Pro and Fold, improved HDR+ released

News Software 06-16-2024 at 22:19 comment
The June Android Feature Drop brings updates to Google’s proprietary camera. Among other things, the Pixel Camera 9.4 app for Pixel 6/7 Pro and Fold now has a lens section with manual settings.

Dragon Age: The Veilguard is similar to Mass Effect and Final Fantasy, but is more of an RPG — game creators

News Games 06-16-2024 at 20:29 comment
When asked if Dragon Age: The Veilguard will be an open-world game, game director Corinne Boucher replied: «We’ve gone back to what we believe delivers the best, most controllable and rich storytelling». Boucher characterizes the new Dragon Age as mission-based — but players can go back and revisit areas. «You can go back to solve…

Cyberpunk 2077 DLC on the Moon — «space» files from the 2021 CD Projekt hack leaked online

News Games 06-16-2024 at 18:30 comment
User 4chan shared Cyberpunk 2077 resources that originated from the CD Projekt hack in 2021. The files may indicate cut content or canceled DLC set on the Moon.

The documentary about the first S.T.A.L.K.E.R. «EPISodes: Shadow of Chernobyl» is already available on Kyivstar TV

News Games 06-15-2024 at 22:40 comment
On Kyivstar TV the documentary «EPISodes: Shadow of Chernobyl» about the creation of the first game in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. The film about STALKER and GSC Game World is part of the documentary series «EPISODES» by KNIFE! about various stories that took place in independent Ukraine.

Intel Core i9 13 and 14 instability not resolved — new microcode patch only mitigates impact

News Devices 06-15-2024 at 19:58 comment
Website Igor’s Lab reported that Intel has discovered the root of the stability problems with 13th and 14th generation Core i9 processors (Raptor Lake) with unlocked overclocking. Intel has prepared a corresponding microcode patch, but reported Tom’s Hardwarethat the update improves the consequences but does not solve the problem.

350 Nintendo Switch cartridges in a bra — Chinese customs officers detain woman for having too big a bust

News WTF 06-15-2024 at 17:39 comment
Chinese customs officers at the port of Liantang got more than they bargained for when they noticed a busty woman among the passengers. She was visibly nervous, so the customs officers decided to inspect her. They found 350 Nintendo Switch game cartridges in her bra, which were headed to mainland China.

Wells Fargo Bank fired employees for simulating work — they used mouse and keyboard activity simulators

News IT business 06-15-2024 at 16:43 comment
Last month, Wells Fargo Bank fired more than ten employees for simulating work. According to a report sent to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, employees of the wealth management and investment division were «fired after considering allegations related to keyboard simulations that give the impression of active work».

German HIMARS — Rheinmetall to present GMARS MLRS at Eurosatory 2024

News Military Tech 06-14-2024 at 17:58 comment
German concern Rheinmetall and Pentagon supplier Lockheed Martin are preparing to present the German equivalent of HIMARS — GMARS, a global mobile artillery missile system, at Eurosatory 2024. GMARS offers accurate and cost-effective fire support over hundreds of kilometers.

Destroyed 180 servers with scripts from Google — fired employee caused $600,000 in losses

News IT business 06-14-2024 at 15:12 comment
Kandula Nagaraju, a 39-year-old Indian citizen who worked for NCS (National Computer Systems) in Singapore, was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison after a court found him guilty of unauthorized access to computers. As reported by CNAKandula accessed his former employer’s systems for several months after he was fired. He…

Adreno X1 video card in Snapdragon X Elite — Qualcomm reveals details

News Devices 06-14-2024 at 12:45 comment
A few days before the official launch of Qualcomm Snapdragon X laptops, the company has revealed more details about the Adreno X1 graphics architecture. This is the first generation of integrated graphics for the X series processors for Windows. The number «1» indicates the generation, the successors of which will be called Adreno X2 and so on.…

X (formerly Twitter) is demanding $1500-$70,000 from fired employees — they say they were overpaid

News IT business 06-14-2024 at 10:04 comment
Elon Musk’s X Corp (formerly Twitter) is demanding money from at least six Australians who were previously fired. The company claims that it accidentally overpaid them. Sydney Morning Herald newspaper saidX is threatening to sue some former Australian employees after they incorrectly converted currency from US dollars to Australian dollars.

«Adventure Time»: Cartoon Network is developing a movie and two series

News Movie 06-14-2024 at 08:32 comment
Warner Bros. has announced the feature film «Adventure Time» at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival. The film is being created by three «Adventure Time» veterans: Adam Muto, creator of the original animated series, Patrick McHale (also co-writer of «Beyond the Garden Fence») and Rebecca Sugar (creator of «Steven Universe»). The…

The Leopard 2A-RC 3.0 — tank with unmanned turret from KNDS is presented

News Military Tech 06-14-2024 at 08:00 comment
To the network got a brochure by the German-French concern KNDS, which demonstrates the company’s latest development: the new Leopard 2A-RC 3.0 main battle tank. The tank is based on the Leopard 2 chassis and has a revolutionary unmanned turret.

Russell Crowe is jealous of «Gladiator 2» — «I’m dead and can’t influence»

News Movie 06-14-2024 at 07:48 comment
Russell Crowe played the main character, Maximus Decimus Meridius, in Ridley Scott’s 2000 film «Gladiator». He won a «Oscar» for Best Actor and gained worldwide fame. In «Gladiator 2», all possible glory will go to Paul Mescal as Lucius, grandson of Emperor Marcus Aurelius and nephew of Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix).

Gigabyte introduces Aorus Gen5 14000 SSD for M.2 PCIe 5.0 — up to 14,500 MB/s, 3D-TLC NAND, built-in DDR4 cache

News Devices 06-13-2024 at 21:29 comment
Gigabyte has released one of the fastest SSDs, the Aorus Gen5 14000, with 3D-TLC NAND flash memory. According to the manufacturer, the Aorus Gen5 14000 SSD has a 99% performance boost compared to PCIe 4.0 SSDs.

Elon Musk asks to recognize Ukrainian website as a terrorist organization

News Ukraine 06-13-2024 at 17:37 comment
Elon Musk has demanded that the Ukrainian edition of be added to the list of sanctioned terrorist organizations. The reason for his statement was an analytical publication on the website, which detailed US senators and other individuals who do not support or have ambiguous attitudes toward Ukraine., the first Ukrainian P2P car sharing platform, has launched in beta

News Auto 06-13-2024 at 16:27 comment positions itself as a marketplace for car rental and delivery, offering services in the P2P (person-to-person) format.

Writer of the series «Acolytes» never watched «Star Wars» — showrunner Leslie Hadland likes this

News Movie 06-13-2024 at 13:41 comment
One of the writers of the «Acolyte» series had never watched the «Star Wars» movies until she got the job. But it was this feature that, according to showrunner Leslie Hadland, helped improve a scene in one of the series’ episodes.

«House of the Dragon»: Mexico protests Targaryen flags on historic castle

News Movie 06-13-2024 at 12:01 comment
Mexico is protesting the display of flags from the TV series «Dragon’s Den» on a historic castle. A generated promotional video showing Targaryen banners flying over the historic site has angered officials, who are threatening legal action.

SpaceX employees’ lawsuit against Elon Musk — sexual harassment, bullying, revenge

News IT business 06-13-2024 at 10:14 comment
Eight dismissed SpaceX engineers have filed a lawsuit against Elon Musk alleging sexual harassment and retaliation. The U.S. National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has opened a case against the company.

George Martin says «Game of Thrones» will still get a canceled prequel «10,000 ships»

News Movie 06-13-2024 at 08:20 comment
George Martin says the pilot episode of «10,000 Ships», the previously canceled prequel to «Game of Thrones», is back in the works. In his own blog Martin congratulated writer Ebony Booth on winning the Pulitzer Prize and confirmed a pilot based on her script.

Wi-Fi vulnerability in Windows allows malicious attacks to be carried out completely unnoticed without logging into the network

News Software 06-13-2024 at 08:00 comment
Microsoft recently closed a security gap in the Windows Wi-Fi driver. The exploit would allow attackers to run malicious code on vulnerable systems via Wi-Fi. The vulnerability specifically affects Windows 10 and Windows 11, as well as all versions of Windows Server since 2008. An attacker does not need to have access to the target computer to…

Two months in Nintendo Splatoon after servers shut down — fan blogs on X Twitter

News Games 06-13-2024 at 07:40 comment
The shooter Splatoon was supposed to «die» quickly after Nintendo shut down the 3DS and Wii U servers on April 8. But one persistent player managed to play Splatoon much longer. User Lcd101, the self-proclaimed «last Splatoon 1» player, has been on the non-functional server for over two months.

«Gladiator 2»: the first footage of the lead actor Paul Mescal from the set

News Movie 06-12-2024 at 20:20 comment
The Daily Mail received the first photos of Paul Mescal, the lead actor in «Gladiator 2», on the set. Paul will play Lucius, the adult nephew of Emperor Commodus and son of his sister Lucilla, portrayed as a child in the Oscar-winning «Gladiator» in 2000 with Russell Crowe. The original historical epic grossed five times its budget and helped…

Samsung has created Shortcut smart sneakers that control your smartphone — 9 pairs in total

News Devices 06-12-2024 at 17:49 comment
Samsung has started developing sneakers. But don’t count on a Galaxy-branded line just yet: the company has released a unique limited edition sneaker that controls your Samsung smartphone with your movements. How about that, Tim Cook?

«The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirim» — first footage and details of the anime to be released on December 13

News Movie 06-12-2024 at 16:20 comment
The first images and details of the upcoming anime «The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirim» from New Line and Warner Bros Animation. The new data was published by Entertainment Weekly. They are also based on interviews with the producer Philippa Boyens, director Kenji Kamiyama and the film’s star, Gaya Wise.

Spotify will add lossless (Hi-Fi, lossless music) this year in a new tariff for +$5 — insider

News Software 06-12-2024 at 13:52 comment
According to an insider, Spotify will introduce a new, more expensive premium subscription plan this year that will finally include lossless digital music is available. Users will pay at least $5 more for better quality audio and new playlist creation and library management tools.

«China may put pressure». Ukraine demands to ban TikTok

News Software 06-12-2024 at 11:57 comment
On the website «Electronic petitions» Cabinet of Ministers registered a proposal to ban TikTok in Ukraine. Among the main reasons for the need to block the social network are China’s control over it, which helps Russia in its war with Ukraine, and the ease with which disinformation is spread on it.

Trailer for Arcane — the second and last season of Netflix animated series based on the game League of Legends

News Movie 06-12-2024 at 10:04 comment
After short teasers, Netflix has finally released the full trailer of the second season animated series Arcane. According to Netflix, the latest chapter of the League of Legends game adaptation shows the «horrific escalation of the» between the cities of Piltover and Zaun — and the sisters Vee and Jinx.

The fifth season of «The Boys» will be the last — showrunner Eric Kripke

News Movie 06-12-2024 at 08:20 comment
It is officially reported that fifth season of the series «The Boys» will be the last. This was announced by the series creator Eric Kripke on the eve of the fourth season.

Dragon Age: The Veilguard — 20 minutes of gameplay and a lot of information from BioWare

News Games 06-12-2024 at 08:00 comment
Electronic Arts and BioWare have released the official 20-minute gameplay video for Dragon Age: The Veilguard. The demo shows the beginning of the game and companions, dialogues, boss battles, and combat mechanics.

Obsidian showed Avowed in a 30-minute gameplay demo

News Games 06-11-2024 at 21:47 comment
Obsidian Entertainment has published a 30-minute overview of its fantasy role-playing game Avowed, of which 25 minutes is a gameplay demonstration. The video reveals in detail the gameplay in the world of Eora, created by the authors of Fallout: New Vegas, Pillars of Eternity, and The Outer Worlds.

Ubisoft shows Star Wars Outlaws gameplay — space and ground battles, stealth, Nix’s abilities

News Games 06-11-2024 at 18:52 comment
During the Ubisoft Forward broadcast, the company demonstrated more than 10 minutes of Star Wars Outlaws gameplay. The video includes a shootout in space, a brief tour of the iconic crime center Moss Eisley, and the protagonist’s little assistant Nix at work.

Optimus Prime was arrested for illegal driving — franchise «Transformers» nothing is in danger

News Auto 06-11-2024 at 16:33 comment
Optimus Prime has been arrested in Austin, Texas. But the Autobots can be calm about the fate of their leader, and fans — don’t worry about the Transformers «franchise». Ironically, 37-year-old Optimus Prime Blakely is accused of unauthorized use of a car.

Assassin’s Creed Shadows and 13 other AAA games to be released on Apple devices

News Games 06-11-2024 at 14:25 comment
Recently, when Apple technology received new powerful processors, many games appeared on its platform. The latest devices already have AppleAssassin’s Creed Mirage, Death Stranding, and Resident Evil Village. At the WWDC 2024 presentation, it became known that many other AAA games will join them in the coming months.

The NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti video card was sold for $1.63 — but was uncompetitive due to shipping

News Devices 06-11-2024 at 12:25 comment
The NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti video card was sold for $1.63. A visitor to the American online store Newegg shared a photo of the found offer (now the product has been removed). Unfortunately, the refurbished NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti cost $400 to ship, making it uncompetitive with other similar graphics cards on Newegg. The payment for the video card was made in…

Elon Musk will ban Apple devices in his companies if there is something from OpenAI at the OS level — «They sell you for nothing»

News Software 06-11-2024 at 10:17 comment
Elon Musk said he would ban Apple devices in his companies if the iPhone manufacturer integrates OpenAI products at the operating system level. The billionaire said this wrote in a series of posts on X.

Apple has added a calculator to the new iPadOS 18 for the first time in 14 years — it supports handwriting

News Software 06-10-2024 at 22:03 comment
Apple unveiled iPadOS 18 at WWDC 2024. The update will be available in the fall, the developer beta will be available from today, and the public beta will be available next month.

Apple announces Vision Pro sales outside the US and introduces VisionOS 2

News Devices 06-10-2024 at 21:16 comment
Apple has announced that the Vision Pro virtual reality headset priced at $3499 will be sold worldwide starting June 28. The first countries outside the US to receive Vision Pro will be China, Japan, and Singapore (pre-orders from June 13). They will be followed by Germany, France, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada, where sales will begin…

Trailer of «Konotop Witch» — revenge film against Russian occupiers will be released on August 22

News Movie 06-10-2024 at 18:04 comment
«Konotop Witch» — revenge movie. The story takes place during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The film will premiere on August 22, the day before Ukraine’s Independence Day.

When will laptops with NVIDIA RTX 50xx and new Intel and AMD processors be released — leaked plans for two years

News Devices 06-10-2024 at 13:54 comment
The hackers got access to the materials of laptop manufacturer Clevo and learned about the time and details of the release of NVIDIA RTX 50xx mobile graphics cards, new generation Intel and AMD processors, and laptops with them.

Microsoft unveils $450 digital Xbox X and two more console variants — new model is already in development

News Devices 06-10-2024 at 11:01 comment
The long rumored fully digital Xbox Series X is now a reality and will be released this fall. The console will be white, cheaper, and will have a 1TB SSD drive. Microsoft also announced that it will update existing consoles with alternative colors and memory configurations.

Story trailer for Obsidian’s RPG Avowed — the game will be released this year, immediately on Xbox Game Pass

News Games 06-10-2024 at 08:00 comment
Obsidian Entertainment has released a new trailer for Avowed at Xbox Games Showcase 2024. It is confirmed that the new RPG from the masters of the genre will be released this year.

Trailer for the new Fable from Playground Games — «long in the making» to be released in 2025

News Games 06-10-2024 at 07:30 comment
At the Xbox Showcase at Summer Game Fest 2024, Microsoft showed the second trailer for the Fable reboot by Playground Games. This time, the release window was announced as «long-awaited» — Fable will be released in 2025. Both companies still reveal few details about the game

The trailer for the new Doom: The Dark Ages — a shooter set in the Middle Ages will be released in 2025

News Games 06-10-2024 at 07:00 comment
Bethesda and Id Software have shown a trailer for Doom: The Dark Ages, a prequel to the series. The new Doom will be released in 2025 on Xbox Series X and S, PC, and PlayStation 5. It is a game in a somewhat unusual medieval setting for Doom.

New trailer for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl in full Ukrainian — «Land, my native land!

News Games 06-09-2024 at 23:16 comment
GSC Game World presented a new trailer for STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl with excellent Ukrainian voice acting at the Xbox Showcase presentation. The game’s good graphics are striking, and its release on September 5 on PC and Xbox has been confirmed again.

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