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NVIDIA develops SFF Enthusiast GeForce — the standard for compact gaming PCs and components

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NVIDIA develops SFF Enthusiast GeForce — the standard for compact gaming PCs and components

NVIDIA is working with partners to create a new ecosystem of small gaming PCs (SFF, Small Form Factor) with a compact SFF Enthusiast GeForce graphics card. As part of its new initiative. NVIDIA wants to help designers of compact PCs choose the best components. While there are many ways to build a compact PC yourself, there is no specific list of recommendations or standards, no exact list of guidelines on what hardware works best together to do so.

Source Wccftech learned that NVIDIA works with partners that include not only graphics card manufacturers, but also chassis, power supplies, and other components to build components that are ideal for SFF builds. This is important because compact builders are usually more limited in their choice of components. It is also important for them to optimize the space inside the chassis, create proper cooling and air circulation, and select a power supply.

NVIDIA will develop SFF guidelines that will be shared with its partners and ultimately help gamers build small but powerful computers. The guidelines will include creating a standard for graphics card and chassis manufacturers based on the size and transparency in a system with a compact graphics card and chassis.

While NVIDIA will not develop any components, including graphics cards, on its own, partners will have a common set of guidelines that can be called a standard to create compact, compatible components to be combined into a compact PC that meets the «SFF Enthusiast GeForce» standard.

Existing compact graphics cards will also receive this label, with the GeForce RTX 4060 and 4060 Ti expected to be the first to receive this label. It is known that some graphics cards that occupy three slots are eligible for the standard. Also, the «SFF Enthusiast GPU» label is not limited to ITX systems. There is currently no exact date when the standard will be officially released, but it should happen soon.

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