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We announce the winner and runners-up of the contest for ITC authors – they will receive top prizes from Logitech

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Chief Post Moderator, Chairman of the Council of ITC Authors

Our latest contest has come to an end, the voting is over and we have a winner!

We sincerely congratulate the author Andrii!

His article «Traveling through the gaming world: from computers on audio cassettes to virtual reality»took first place in the general vote.

It receives the main prize — professional gaming racing steering wheel Logitech G923 Racing Wheel and Pedals for PS5, PS4 and PC, which would not have been possible without the help of our friends and partners Logitech.

We announce the winner and runners-up of the contest for ITC authors - they will receive top prizes from Logitech

Seats 2 through 9 inclusive get a low-profile gaming keyboard Logitech G815 LIGHTSYNC RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard!

We announce the winner and runners-up of the contest for ITC authors - they will receive top prizes from Logitech

Here are the prize places with the final scores


  1. «Traveling through the gaming world: from computers on audio cassettes to virtual reality» author Andrii — 17.34 points
  2. «Logitech G15 — Blast from the past, or a 17-year friendship» author KOLOBOKOLOM — 17.2 points
  3. «» author mykytaskyba — 17.2 points
  4. «» author Konstantin Konstantinovich — 16.64 points
  5. «» author Igor Prokopenko — 16.26 points
  6. «My nostalgic top 5 virtual racing games of the past and the story of how Logitech helped me pass my driving test» author Nazar — 15.32 points
  7. «The ultimate and multi-platform TOP-72 best games in the history of the gaming industry of the XXI century (PC, Xbox and Playstation)» author Odysseus — 15.28 points
  8. «» author AlexGreen— 15.18 points
  9. «Games with eggs. How many eggs did you catch?» author Volodymyr — 14.4 points

As I always say at the end of every competition, there is a winner in any competition and there are those who do not. It is logical that not everyone who participated, except for one, will be completely satisfied. Therefore, to be as transparent as possible, instead of just announcing the winner, we are now regularly telling you the entire scheme by which we evaluated this competition.

From the submitted works, the editorial board selected a shortlist of the best entries, in our opinion. It included 30 articles. All registered readers could vote for the article they liked At the same time with the readers, and the jury from the editorial staff also voted for the best articles among those published.

The criteria we used to evaluate

  • Originality of the topic
  • Completeness and integrity of disclosure
  • Structure and design
  • Stylistics

Calculation formula

Each of the five jury members evaluated the shortlisted articles, giving them scores from 1 to 5 for each of the criteria. In this competition, we had a turnover – the position of our editor-in-chief Timur Vorona a representative of our partner wished to occupy Logitech.

If there were a perfect article, it would ideally get 20 points (4 criteria * 5 points) from a jury member.

How to get the prize

Accordingly, as in all previous contests, I am waiting for the soap [email protected] data (full name, phone number, Nova Poshta number) of the authors of the winning articles to send them prizes. Those who have already won prizes in previous contests do not need to duplicate their data (unless they have changed).

The editorial team is very grateful to all our authors, readers, and especially to our friends and partners Logitech!

It was fun, exciting and unforgettable! We really enjoyed it! We hope you will too!

We are already working on the next competitions.

I would like to remind you that we created an author platform so that everyone could write and be published. That is, you can write articles not only during contests. I hope that in the near future, many of those who are reading this will write something interesting and their articles will be read with interest. We have to build the Ukrainian IT community together, not wait for someone else to do it for us.

Once again, I congratulate the winners, thank the authors and readers, and look forward to the next contests!


If other authors would like to see their scores, please comment and I will update this news.

P.P.S. Regarding possible cheating. Attentive author Volodymyr carefully followed them in the readers’ voting. And I noticed some, let’s say, activity at the beginning and end of the voting. Thank the Egyptian gods, it was not as massive as in the first contest. And it’s hard to call it cheating as such, because I also followed and looked at the logs later. There were no artificial automatic mass registrations. Of course, the authors called their friends, colleagues, and relatives to vote for them. I hope some of them will stay on the portal 🙂
Of course, I would like to make sure that regular readers vote. But to do this, we need to redesign the registration system on the site with a mandatory link to Linkedin, Facebook, or Instagram and verification of the account. This is not a matter of 1-2 days. Given that each of us has only two hands, the number of hours in a day is fixed, and we have a lot of tasks, we simply do not have time. However, I constantly emphasize that this function is absolutely necessary (no, not only because of contests).

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