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Parliament Increases Fines for Refusal to Appear and Failure to Appear at the TCC

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Igor Sheludchenko

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The Verkhovna Rada voted in favor of draft law No. 10379, which amends the Criminal Code and the Code of Administrative Offenses and increases liability for violations of mobilization and military offenses.

This was reported by MP from «Voice» Yaroslav Zheleznyak.

  • If a person is not registered or does not update his or her data in time, he or she faces a fine of 3400-5100 hryvnias. During martial law, this amount increases to 17-25 thousand hryvnias.
  • Violation of the legislation on defense and mobilization (refusal to accept a summons, failure to appear for a military commission) is punishable by a fine of UAH 5100-8500. During martial law, the fine increases to UAH 17-25 thousand.
  • For officials of government agencies, local governments, legal entities and public associations — UAH 34,000—59,500.

The amendments provide for the imposition of fines in absentia for violations of mobilization legislation. Fines will not be imposed if the territorial recruitment center (TCC) can obtain the person’s information through state registers.

In order for the law to come into force, it must be signed by the speaker of parliament and then by the president. It will come into force the day after its publication.

At the same time The Council is considering two models of economic booking

  1. The first model — the amount of taxes on the salary of a person liable for military service should be 35 thousand hryvnias, which is enough to support one soldier.
  2. The second model is a quota per enterprise for persons liable for military service.

As a reminder, on April 11, the Verkhovna Rada passed the draft law in the second reading №10449on strengthening mobilization.

The lawmakes changes to the data accounting procedureintroduces penalties for evasion. The Ministry of Defensedigitizeddata of all potential recruits.

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